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Marianna holds a phone up as she smiles for the camera.
Marianna Piwoni is the recipient of the 2018-19 Award for Person-Centred Care – one of the highest honours of Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Solving Intricate Challenges for Scheduling Clients

When Marianna Piwoni started working as a Service Coordinator at Circle of Care, she scheduled client appointments by hand, meticulously recording each appointment on paper. Once a week, she transferred her schedules to the computer for billing and payroll purposes.

Twenty years later, the role looks entirely different, even if the meaning of the role has stayed the same.

For one, everything is done digitally, on the Circle of Care proprietary scheduling software EasyCare®, which tracks client information and saves their care schedules.

Also, the clients that Marianna works with are increasingly older and face exponentially more complex health conditions.

“Today, our clients’ needs are bigger and their expectations are higher,” says Marianna.

The pace has been amplified too. More personal support workers, more support staff, and many, many more clients make the job increasingly challenging and intricate.

“My job can be really high-pressured sometimes, and it requires the use of many different skills,” Marianna says. “But I love it because it’s interesting, exciting, and really rewarding. Every day I’m speaking on the phone with clients who impress and inspire me by their resilience.”

Marianna is also inspired by her colleagues. “I find it uplifting and reassuring to see Circle of Care hire people with unique skills and talents. Each person brings their individuality to the role. To see them persevere, learn how to handle the role and thrive in it really motivates me!”

Marianna’s favourite part of her job is the successes she achieves, big and small. “I’m often dealing with extremely complex situations, and I oftentimes have clients tell me that their situation is hopeless. I love when I can sort them out and resolve them, because it becomes a win-win situation for both the clients and for us as the care provider.”

Celebrated for her contributions to person-centred care

In May 2019, Marianna was awarded the Champions of Care Award for Person-Centred Care. This award is presented to an employee who provides exceptional care and service in a safe and compassionate environment, and approaches each individual as a whole person with unique needs.

Marianna won the award after receiving numerous nominations from her clients and colleagues for her dedication to her role.

The team of personal support workers that she schedules appointments for are delighted to speak with her on the phone. “I know my problems will be solved when I speak with Marianna,” says Circle of Care PSW Beverley.

“She goes above and beyond to consider my scheduling needs,” says Nonna, another PSW. “She’s so understanding and compassionate.”

And Marianna is happy to receive the feedback.

“The Champions of Care program has been an exciting new development over the past few years. Being able to nominate fellow colleagues and be nominated in return has helped to solidify a positive and thankful environment for us to work in,” says Marianna.