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EZ Assist Client App

For Our Clients and their Caregivers

What is EZ Assist?

EZ Assist is an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone. The app will work on Apple and Android smartphones. The operating system requirement for an iPhone is iPhone 6S (iOS13 or above), and at least Android6 for Android devices.

EZ Assist Highlights

Real-time information about upcoming appointments at your fingertips.
Cancel appointments directly from the app.
Clear confirmation for clients and caregivers that their appointments have taken place.

EZ Assist Features

The EZ Assist app offers the following features:

  • Schedule Visibility: View all your Circle of Care appointments and services, including the names and photos of the PSWs coming to visit you, and the dates and times of your upcoming appointments.
  • Appointment Details and Care Plan: Access the details of your care plan directly through the EZ Assist app.
  • Appointment Cancellation: Initiate an appointment cancellation right through the EZ Assist app, without needing to call your Service Coordinator.
  • Receive Appointment Notifications: Receive notifications about schedule changes, including PSW changes, time changes, and appointment cancellations.

Download the App

The EZ Assist app has been built to be compatible with mobile devices running on iOS13 or later (on a minimum iPhone 6S phone for Apple devices) and Android 6 or later for Android devices.

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EZ Assist iPhone QR code
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