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Fees for Service

Balancing cost and care.

We believe that the cost of care should not be a barrier to getting support that is needed. For clients and families who qualify, fully funded or subsidized service rates may be available. In addition, some services, including counseling and support, are offered free of charge. Call us at 416-635-2860 or email info@circleofcare.com to learn more about how we can help you manage costs.

Personal Support & Homemaking

Hours per month Current Rates
1 to 9 $31.50/hour
10 to 24 $30.25/hour
25 and up $29.00/hour

Certified Kosher and Kosher-Style Meals on Wheels

Item Current Price
4-Pack of Ensure $8.95
Frozen Tray $8.00
Sandwiches $7.00
Soup pack $5.10


Number of kilometres Current Rates
0 to 5 kilometres $6.40
5.1 to 10 kilometres $10.40
10.1 to 15 kilometres $15.10
15.1 to 20 kilometres $18.50
20.1 to 25 kilometres $22.65
Over 25.1 kilometres $1.05/km

Adult Day Program

All-day program $40.00 / full-day
Morning or afternoon program $20.00 / half-day

Rates subject to change at any time.

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