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Fees for Service

Balancing cost and care.

We believe that the cost of care should not be a barrier to getting support that is needed. Some services, including counseling and support, are offered free of charge to our clients.

Personal Support & Homemaking

Hours per month Current Rates
1 to 9 $36.67/hour
10 to 24 $35.38/hour
25 and up $34.09/hour
Statutory Holiday Rate $55.09/hour

Adult Day Program

Item Current Rates
Full Day $42.00
Bathing $15.75
Wednesday Extended Hours $10.50


Fares are based on distance – no running meter. Current Rates
0 to 5 kilometres $6.90
5.1 to 10 kilometres $11.00
10.1 to 15 kilometres $15.95
15.1 to 20 kilometres $19.65
20.1 to 25 kilometres $24.00
Over 25.1 kilometres $1.20/km
ADP $6.90
Program Rides $6.90

Let’s Get Together Program

Item Current Rates
Attendance, ride, meal, entertainment No cost
No show/late cancellation $6.90

Rates subject to change at any time.

Personal Support & Homemaking Cancellations (Private Pay Clients)
Cancellation fees will apply for visits that are cancelled with less than 3 hours notice. If a client refuses the visit after the PSW arrives, the client will be charged the full amount for the visit (no subsidy). Cancellations made more than 3 hours in advance will not result in any charges, so please notify Circle of Care staff as soon as possible of an upcoming cancellation to avoid incurring cancellation fees on your account.

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