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Leadership Team

Carey Lucki

Chief Executive Officer, and VP, Sinai Health

Dara Zarnett

Vice President, Quality, Strategic Partnerships & Communications

Silvia Marabeti

Vice President, People, Culture and Learning

Chris Ng

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Andrea David

Vice President, Client Services & Operations

Adeela Kausar

Interim Director, Client Services

Lisa Rae

Director, Volunteer and Community Programs

Josephine Sarne

Director, Community Engagement & Growth

Tanya Pikula

Director, Communications

Karman Hoang

Director, Human Resources

Guy Martial

Director, IT Systems

Central HCCSS
Claims Conference
German Federal Ministry of Finance
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Government of Canada
City of Toronto
Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
Accreditation Canada