Circle of Care has made all of our student placement selections for Fall 2022. We are excited to welcome students to our HR, Social Work, Volunteer Resources Departments and more! We look forward to providing students with hands-on experience, opportunities to develop their leadership skills and events to support the development of this community. No further applications for this Fall will be accepted at this time.

Student Opportunities

At Circle of Care, we foster strong partnerships with various educational institutions to provide excellent learning opportunities for students.

Our Student Programs

At Circle of Care, we offer opportunities to students to grow their skills and gain work experience as part of two programs:

Summer Student Program

Our Summer Student program runs each year from May to August, offering summer employment to students currently enrolled or recently graduated from post secondary studies. We are pleased to welcome back many Circle of Care alumni through this program each summer.

Co-op/Placement Program

Our co-op/placement program runs year-round, offering work experience to post secondary students. We partner directly with schools to recruit, and post these positions on school-specific job portals. The students work in departments that align with their program to gain work experience as part of their curriculum. We have students joining us in May, September or January, typically for a four-month period.

Benefits of our Student Programs

  • Take part in unique learning opportunities including cross-disciplinary guest speakers
  • Develop the knowledge and on the job experience required for a professional practice
  • Participate in student-specific events
  • Gain visibility into a rapidly growing sector of the healthcare industry
  • Contribute to the meaningful purpose of supporting seniors to age independently in their homes
  • Develop a network of industry mentors, colleagues and connections
  • Open up potential future career opportunities

Circle of Care’s Student Placement Hiring Process

Circle of Care partners directly with several educational institutions to hire students from specific programs for placement opportunities that fit our client needs. When we open a placement or summer student role up to general applications, students can find the role posted on our general careers page and apply online. If you are a student actively seeking a placement opportunity, please connect with your educational institution to find out if a Circle of Care partnership has been established for your program. Interested applicants must apply online and will be contacted if under consideration.

Hear What our Former Students Have to Say!

“It has been a pleasure working with the wonderful staff and clients here at Circle of Care. In my role, I supported the Hospice and Bereavement programs within the Volunteer Department. This position has been simultaneously challenging and rewarding, as it gave me an opportunity to explore grieving as a journey, and apply the skills I’ve learned at my Masters of Social Work program. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to learn from those experiencing loss and was able to build trust and help. It has been an incredible privilege to support our clients during such a vulnerable moment of their lives and I continue to be inspired by the resilience of the human spirit. I feel privileged to have been part of such an amazing team, who inspire me with their compassion and dedication, and welcomed me from day one as a colleague.”

– Romina V., Volunteer Services Summer Student

“While in my position working with the Client Services department at Circle of Care, I have grown a stronger understanding of our local healthcare system. The position also taught me the interconnectedness of healthcare in Canada. This summer, during the pandemic, I had the opportunity to help create new electronic educational resources to aid in COVID-19 management in the community and among staff. My manager and everyone I have interacted with at Circle of Care have been incredibly helpful, and are always willing to teach me new skills. I feel as if my summer flew by and all the new information I have learned about COVID-19, the healthcare system, and the workforce will definitely help me navigate my future endeavors.”

– Iman A., Client Services Summer Student

“Throughout my student placement at Circle of Care, I worked in the IT department supporting helpdesk for all employees. As a current computer science student, the position has provided me with an incredible amount of experience including first-hand knowledge of enterprise software that I would have never had the chance to learn elsewhere. In my role, I was able to resolve technical issues, handle both client/worker app difficulties, and set up numerous amounts of software for the organization. The IT team has been extremely helpful and supportive of my growth by providing various means of exposure and learning to help further my development and skill set. My time at Circle of Care has been very fulfilling and I know that the knowledge I have gained will follow me through the rest of my career.”

– Brian H., IT Summer Student

“In my position supporting the HR team, I had a variety of opportunities to learn and get my hands-on experience in multiple areas of HR, including recruitment, health and safety, and labour relations. I was able to apply in-class concepts to the projects I worked on and help the team to accomplish some of the organization’s strategic goals. The team embraced my curiosity, encouraged me to share my ideas, and made me feel like a valued member. I feel that both the feedback I received throughout my co-op and the overall experience has prepared me for my next HR role.”

– Andrea B., Human Resources Co-op Student

“My role supporting the Client Services Support team involved handling calls from PSWs, clients, and other stakeholders, along with forwarding their requests to the appropriate teams. This summer student position has been a great learning experience for me, as the knowledge and skills that I am gaining complement my current studies in the Social Service Worker Gerontology program at Seneca. I really enjoy talking to our clients and doing what I can to assist them during our phone calls, as I understand how crucial Circle of Care services are to these individuals and their families. I also have a really fantastic team and am grateful for all the support they have provided me throughout the summer.”

– Kathleen N., Client Services Summer Student

“Working with the HR team was one of the most insightful and educational periods of work I have encountered. While working with the Quality Management team at Circle of Care this summer, I was able to quantify and see the impacts on clients, workers, and the organization. I’m glad to know how to view things from a quality management perspective. In the future, this experience will allow me to think more critically and evaluate how what I’m working on affects the company as a whole. I have learned a lot during my time with the organization and my time here has continuously helped me develop my professional skills, knowledge, core competencies, and personal abilities in both business and community care. The experiences and lessons learned here are invaluable to me, and something I will take with me as I continue to progress in my career. By working at Circle of Care I feel I have made a positive and impactful contribution to my community.”

Patrick F., Quality Management Summer Student

Image of Isabella
“I’ve been fortunate to have been a summer student at Circle of Care for multiple summers working within various departments- from administration to client services. I completed my undergraduate degree in English and Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster and I will be starting teachers’ college this upcoming September. My experience at Circle of Care has allowed me to enhance my social interaction skills at a professional level and understand how to communicate with special populations. This is particularly important in reference to my future as a teacher. Understanding individual needs on a case-by-case basis and providing both empathy and accommodations to various special clients, has given me the training I will need when working with students of varying academic abilities and goals. My role here at Circle of Care has taught me how to be a team member and a leader, which I will take with me in my all future endeavours.”

– Isabella LaMantia, Service Coordinator Student

Image of Rayshawn
“I’ve been a summer student at Circle of Care for the past four summers and I appreciate the opportunities Circle of Care has given to me. I am about to enter my second year at Humber College, studying Business Administration- Accounting. I’ve worked in two different departments at Circle of Care: Volunteer Resources and Finance. Both departments have taught me a lot. I was really excited to be able to apply my knowledge from school when I worked in the Finance department and assisted with client payments. I’ve also been able to strengthen my Excel skills through the various tasks and projects I’ve worked on. And it’s been really enjoyable to come back year after year and strengthen my working relationships with the people here at Circle of Care.”

-Rayshawn Lewis, Volunteer Resources Summer Student

Image of Shmuel
“Circle of Care gave me many opportunities in my placement as a 1st year Masters of Social Work student that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. The Social Work team was very supportive and treated me as a part of the unit. My supervisor even created a unique workshop to help me become more familiar with resources in the community. I was encouraged to independently complete home visits to observe and assess clients’ situations. I gained skills to create a therapeutic alliance with my clients. My placement experience led me directly to my role as a Case Manager. When I applied for this job, my previous supervisor recommended that I would be a good fit for the position. Every day, I use my Social Work training as well as professional experience from my placements to provide client-centred care and support my clients to live independently.”

-Shmuel Estreicher, Case Manager, Holocaust Survivor Services

Image of Charlotte
“During my summer placement, I worked alongside the Holocaust Survivor Program team. I supported Holocaust Survivors by assisting in the department’s daily administrative operations. The role has given me the opportunity to sharpen my problem-solving and organizational skills and allowed me to better understand the specific health needs of specialized populations. I have had the privilege to work under the guidance of a caring team who has supported me in my growth and created a compassionate environment throughout my placement. My knowledge of the healthcare system, as a student in Health Studies and Bioethics at the University of Toronto, has allowed me to recognize the ways in which personalized healthcare is essential to improving individual health outcomes. Circle of Care’s emphasis on person-centred community care has highlighted for me the importance of the client’s voice when providing care. Throughout my experience at Circle of Care, I felt as though the contributions I have made while working with the department were impactful to the broader community. It’s really been a fulfilling experience to help improve our clients’ quality of life by giving them with the ability to age in the environment where they feel most secure: their own homes.”

-Charlotte Pape, Holocaust Admin Student

Image of Neve
“I started a student placement at Circle of Care while I was completing my undergraduate studies in Family and Community Social Services. I had the opportunity to apply and hone my skills in research and academic writing when conducting community analyses, developing staff and client surveys, and investigating guidelines for best practice. I’ve also written grant applications and abstract submissions. Learning the agency’s practices, procedures, standards and terminology has proven valuable in my studies, and I anticipate this knowledge will be especially helpful in embarking on a career in the health care sector. Now enrolled in a Masters of Social Work program, I am confident that my experience at Circle of Care has contributed greatly to my practical education and has provided extensive hands-on experience in working in home and community care.”

-Neve Taylor, Community Relations Coordinator

image of Maria
“I started my Bachelor of Social Work placement at Circle of Care in September 2014. My field instructor, Anna, was really great. She and the rest of the social work team were very supportive and caring. They helped me to take the in-class concepts I had learned and apply them to real situations. By the end of my placement in April 2015, I felt like I was meant to stay at Circle of Care. After I finished my degree, I was hired! I first worked in Information & Referral, before transitioning back into social work after a position opened.”

– Maria Valle Perez, Social Worker

Placement Opportunities

  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Social Work
  • Volunteer Department
  • Holocaust Survivor Program
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Project Management
  • Client Services
  • Summer Student Opportunity

Schools We Have Partnered With

  • Seneca College
  • George Brown College
  • Humber College
  • Centennial College
  • Sheridan College
  • Lambton College
  • University of Windsor
  • University of Toronto
  • Ryerson University
  • University of Guelph-Humber
  • Yeshiva University
  • York University
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