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Exercise & Falls Prevention

Keeping you strong will keep you safe.

Interested in participating in online or in-person Exercise classes?

In Person Classes Registration
Contact Laura Tichonchuk
416-635-2860 ext. 141

About our Falls Prevention Program

Due to the pandemic, our Falls Prevention classes were put on hold, and we are looking forward to re-starting Falls Prevention programming in Spring/Summer 2023. Classes will be offered free of charge to eligible participants. We will provide additional information when it becomes available.

About our Group Exercise Classes

Circle of Care provides free group exercise classes to older adults living in the community, and classes are led by trained fitness professionals.  Our exercise classes are designed to help participants increase mobility, relieve pain and reduce the risk of falls by building strength and improving balance. Classes are funded by the Central Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS), and are offered to eligible participants free of charge.

Program Information

  • You must be 65+ to participate. If you do not meet this requirement, please contact Laura Tichonchuk (ltichonchuk@circleofcare.com)
  • Classes are a mixture of Standing and Sitting exercises. Listen to your body and go at your own pace. All exercises can be modified accordingly.

Register for Online Classes

Register for Online Classes

Register for In-Person Classes

To register for in-person classes, please contact Laura Tichonchuk at ltichonchuk@circleofcare.com or by phone at 416-635-2860 ext. 141.

In-Person Class Locations

  • Open to Non-Residents: 3600 Bathurst St North York, ON M6A 2C9

Note: For the list of buildings below, you must either reside in these buildings, or be affiliated with a specific club in these buildings in order to participate.

  • 5020 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1T3
  • 2502 Rutherford Rd, Concord, ON L4K 5N6
  • 2504 Rutherford Rd, Concord, ON L4K 5N5
  • 2500 Rutherford Rd, Concord, ON L4K 5R1
  • 10190 Keele St (Maple CC) Maple, ON L6A 3Y9
  • 66 Baif Blvd Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5M3
  • 7 & 15 North Park Rd, Vaughan, ON L4J 0A1
  • 1 Emerald Ln Vaughan, ON L4J 8N2
  • 7460 Bathurst St Vaughan, ON L4J 7K9
  • 7601 Bathurst St Vaughan, ON L4J 4H5
  • 11 Townsgate Dr Thornhill, ON L4J 8G4
  • 5460 Yonge st North York, ON M2N 6K7
  • 7300 Yonge St Thornhill, ON L4J 7Y5
  • 89 Skymark Dr North York, ON M2H 3S6
  • 7805 Bayview Ave Thornhill, ON L3T 7P7
  • 120 Promenade Cir Thornhill, ON L4J 7W9
  • 110 Promenade Cir Vaughan, ON L4J 7W8
  • 20 North Park Rd Vaughan, ON L4J 0G7
  • 100 Observatory Ln Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T4
  • 22 Clarissa Dr Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9R6
  • 40 Harding Blvd W Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9S5
  • 33 Weldrick Rd E, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 8W4
  • 100 Antibes Dr, North York, ON M2R 3N1
  • 133 Torresdale Ave, North York, ON M2R 3T2
  • 131 Torresdale Ave, North York, ON M2R 3T1
  • 33 Greenfield Ave, North York, ON M2N 3C8
  • 18 Hollywood Ave, North York, ON M2N 6P5
  • 28 Empress Ave, North York, ON M2N 6Z7

Interested in having an exercise class in your building? Review our informational flyer, with details on required minimum class sizes, class frequency, program goals, contact information, and more.

Online Class Schedule

April 2023
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  • No charge to participants
  • Online classes available online through ZOOM
  • In-person classes available in many building throughout North York
  • Exercises focus on strengthening muscles, bones, heart and lungs, gain flexibility and improve overall health
  • All Falls Prevention classes include an educational component, as well as assessments during week 1 and week 12
photo of client lifting weights
photo of client stretching
photo of clients exercising

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for providing the exercise class. It's increased my strength and flexibility and has also provided a positive social setting where I have made new friends."


“A friend introduced me to Circle of Care’s zoom Exercise & Falls Prevention classes. I’m hooked on them, and my body feels the benefits after each session. My doctor told me to keep on doing whatever I’m doing because my bones are stronger and my balance is much better!”


“These classes have been a total life changer for me! I’m in my late 60’s but since I started this program, I feel like I’m in my early 50’s. I’ve become more active and stronger!”


"All of the instructors are doing such a good job! Their explanations and their careful assessments of a particular movement helps a lot!"


"Maintaining balance and strength is very important, and I find that Circle of Care’s program has significantly improved my balance. I highly recommended the class to many of my friends."


"I've been taking Circle of Care's online exercise classes since the beginning of the pendemic for my physical and mental health. I improved my balance, coordination, muscle strength, and flexability. I'm very grateful for these classes!"


"Circle of Care has a wonderful Exercise & Falls Prevention program! I was looking for an online exercise program during the pandemic, and was pleased when I found this one. I am thoroughly enjoying them!"


"The rich and varied content of Circle of Care's amazing virtual Exercise and Falls Prevention Program provides for all seniors' exercise needs, and a community for health and fun! Thank you Circle of Care for keeping us moving!"


"All of the instructors are amazing! There are numerous exercise classes with different levels of difficulty, and the taped exercise classes are also a good alternative!"

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