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Ann Marie Roach is the recipient of the 2018-19 Award for Excellence – one of the highest honours of Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

A Career of Compassion

For close to three decades, Personal Support Worker Ann Marie Roach has committed herself to a career that has allowed her to develop meaningful relationships with her clients, making special effort with those who are vulnerable or lonely.

“I like to spend time one-on-one with my clients, making them feel special and cared for,” says Ann Marie, a 28-year veteran at Circle of Care.

Recently, one of Ann Marie’s long-time clients passed away. “We were together for more than 10 years,” she says. “When I would take vacation, she anxiously waited for me to come back. And when I walked through the door, she would hug me and say she missed me while I was gone. Both of us were grateful for the consistency.”

Over the years, Ann Marie has honed her skills, comfortable working with clients whose needs range from basic care and companionship to those with complex health issues requiring more specialized care.

A Special Connection

Four years ago, Ann Marie was matched with a family requiring respite and care for their 10-year-old son with severe cerebral palsy. Going in, Ann Marie knew that providing care for him would be much more intense than for her other clients who, for the most part, were elderly but independent.

“He’s a complex client with quite a few medical interventions that he requires on a daily basis,” says Ann Marie. “But eventually I learned how to interact with him, about his abilities and his daily routine, and now we’ve become very comfortable together.”

For his parents, knowing they can count on Ann Marie allows them to leave the house to run errands or go to appointments, and also provides much-needed respite.

“Ann Marie is a model of what a good and dedicated PSW should be,” they say. “She has established a relationship with our son where she has his best interests at heart at all times; she really has become his advocate. Her commitment to this job goes beyond professional ethics—she has truly made this job a vocation.”

Celebrated for Excellence

In May 2019, Ann Marie was awarded the Champions of Care Award for Excellence. This award is presented to an employee who relentlessly advances the quality of care within the organization and pursues the highest standards in care.

Ann Marie’s clients have been thrilled to hear that she’s won the award. “I showed a picture of my award to my clients, and they were all congratulating me. It’s been really nice to be recognized this way.”