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Volunteers Honoured at Annual Recognition Night

The commitment, dedication and talent of our over 1,000 volunteers is a constant source of pride for Circle of Care and a hallmark of our organization. At every level of our agency, we have special people who play such a positive role and have a large impact on our clients and on how we conduct business.
Each year we honour individuals who exemplify the outstanding contribution of all volunteers in a specific program. The recognition awards they receive are a small token of our appreciation for their important volunteer work. The honourees are representative of all our volunteers. We could not provide such exceptional care to our clients without our volunteers!

photo of Sally Pell and Barbara Tylbor with Carey Lucki

People Helping People Award – Employees of UJA Federation
Circle of Care’s People Helping People Award is presented to community members who demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in volunteer service and dedication to the community and Circle of Care. This year, we honoured the employees of UJA Federation. UJA Federation has identified poverty as an area of priority in the Jewish community. Their employees help those in most need in the community by giving generously of their time. For the last two years, employees at UJA have adopted a KMOW route during the winter months. Each week, two employees come out and deliver meals on this route on their own time. The employees of UJA are working to raise awareness of the serious issue of poverty, raising funds, and volunteering their time to ensure seniors are receiving nutritious meals.

photo of Lynne and Hayley Waugh

Community Partnership Award – The Waugh Family Foundation
The Community Partnership Award is presented to an organization whose work with Circle of Care has consistently demonstrated collaborative partnership to support individual independence and quality of life in the community. This year’s recipient is The Waugh Family Foundation. For over five years, the Waugh Family Foundation has provided subsidies towards care to enable Circle of Care clients continue to live in the community with independence and dignity. Services covered by the subsidies include homemaking and personal care, caregiver relief, meals on wheels, and transportation. In addition, the Waugh Family Foundation is supporting pilot programs at Circle of Care’s Adult Day Program for clients (Phase 1) and caregivers (Phase 2). Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and relax the mind, body and soul, and we are grateful that their support has allowed us to run this program.

photo of Cyril

Kosher Meals on Wheels (Baycrest) Recognition Award – Cyril Braude
Cyril Braude is a dedicated and compassionate member of the Kosher Meals on Wheels team. He has been an important participant of the program and can be counted on for many tasks. Cyril is scheduled to deliver meals twice weekly, and most weeks, he will even take on an additional day or two when needed, either at Baycrest or at Sepha. He comes in by 8:00 in the morning with a smile on his face, never complaining about the route that he is schedule to deliver. There are no clients or places left that he is not familiar with. He can’t sit without doing something, so he helps to put labels on the bags, and unpack and organize the frozen trays for delivery while waiting for meals to come from the belt line. Our staff appreciate Cyril’s willingness to always pitch in. Thank you Cyril!

photo of David

Kosher Meals on Wheels (Sepha) Recognition Award – David Plotkin
David Plotkin’s contribution to Kosher Meals on Wheels is simply outstanding. His devoted service, and constant effort to go above and beyond the call of duty makes the community we live in a better place. In the past two years of volunteer service, David has contributed many hours of service to the Kosher Meals on Wheels program and our Jewish Hospice clients. Extra meals that require delivery never pose a problem for David. He is always ready to deliver for an extra day or two when the need arises. Our staff are convinced that our program would not be the same without David’s compassion and tireless efforts to deliver meals to every client regardless of weather condition and area of delivery. Thank you David!

Photo of Ed

Adult Day Program Recognition Award – Ed Durbin
Ed Durbin has been a volunteer with Circle of Care’s Adult Day Program since 2010. He is our longest serving volunteer member at the Day Program. When the men ask, “Is Ed coming today?”, we know it’s Wednesday! Every Wednesday, without fail, Ed comes to ADP to act as a dealer for our Men’s blackjack card game. Under his expert guidance, Ed leads a group of 6-8 men in several rounds of the card game “21.” It is a very special time for these gentlemen as it gives them an opportunity to bond with the each other and just “be men.” This program has become so popular that we now have to rotate the clients each week so that everyone will have an opportunity to spend time with Ed! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful volunteer. Ed is a very valued member of our ADP family. Thank you for the laughter and camaraderie you bring to the Adult Day Program, Ed!

Friendly Visiting Recognition Award – Cindy Megorhy
For over a year, Cindy Megorhy has been accompanying her client to the Café Europa program at Baycrest. Without Cindy’s support, our client could not attend this program on her own. Cindy also organized a fundraiser for Circle of Care and was able to donate over 100 hand creams. Clients in our Adult Day Program, Let’s Get Together Groups, Friendly Visiting and Hospice programs have benefitted from this wonderful act of kindness. Thank you Cindy!

Mt Sinai Friendly Visiting Recognition Award – Sarah Henriques
Our Mt Sinai Friendly Visiting program is done in partnership with the Family Health Team at Mt Sinai. Sarah Henriques and her client have been matched for over a year now. Sarah visits with her client weekly, either at the client’s home or when she has been in hospital. In Sarah’s words, they have developed a lovely relationship and enjoy each other’s company. They spend their time playing cribbage, looking at old photos, applying nail polish and having great conversations. Thank you Sarah!

photo of Dr Patti Nwe

Mt Sinai Friendly Visiting & Medical Companion Recognition Award – Dr. Patti Nwe
Dr. Patti Nwe is a retired doctor who is committed to humanitarian work. Patti is part of the Mt Sinai Friendly Visiting program, but she also plays a major role in providing medical companion escorts to many of our clients in all programs. Patti not only has a regular client that she visits weekly but also has assisted in a large number of medical escorts for clients who are unable to attend appointments on their own. Patti keeps both Circle of Care and Mt Sinai updated on any concerns or issues she observes with the clients and reports back on any follow up that needs to be done on behalf of the client. We are very fortunate to have Patti on our team. Thanks Patti!

Photo of Cindy

Administrative Recognition Award – Cindy Au
Cindy Au has been with our Quality Risk and Processing Improvement Program for two years. In this role, she connects with our clients to conduct Satisfaction Surveys. Her quiet manner and professionalism is apparent in her phone conversations. She is comfortable listening to feedback that is not in the survey and lets the clients know we are listening and appreciate their input. Thank you Cindy!

photo of Norman

Jewish Hospice Recognition Award – Norman Smith
Norman Smith has been a Visiting Hospice Volunteer since 2016. During that time, he has provided support, comfort and companionship to five clients. His readiness to take on new challenges, his exceptional communication skills, and his ability to know how to say the right thing makes him the ultimate hospice volunteer. Norm’s visits make a significant contribution to the clients’ end of life care. When not visiting clients, Norm delivers meals out of Baycrest. Thank you Norm for being a caring volunteer!

photo of Sally

Community Hospice Recognition Award – Sally Gustin
Sally Gustin has offered companionship and caregiver respite for five clients in both our Jewish Hospice program and our Community Hospice program. Most times Sally will have two clients that she visits regularly. Sally also attends all our Care and Share events and has taken Bereavement training. These added trainings assist Sally in her volunteering with our clients. Thank you Sally for your compassion for our clients!

photo of Rebecca

Phone Pal Recognition Award – Rebecca Kung
Rebecca Kung has been a volunteer Phone Pal with Circle of Care since May 2016. She has been with the same client during this time, providing weekly calls to ensure the client is safe and has someone to speak with. Rebecca’s empathetic and caring nature has allowed her and the client to develop a special friendship. Thank you Rebecca!

Photo of Triovest

Kosher Meals on Wheels Corporate Recognition Award – Triovest Realty Advisors
Triovest Realty Advisors is recognized for their emphasis on corporate responsibility. Over the past year, their employees have participated in the Kosher Meals on Wheels corporate program, and have delivered meals to vulnerable seniors, also providing valuable safety checks at the same time. Thank you Triovest!

Years of Volunteer Service Milestones
5 Years: Tammy Berg, Leslie Bilkin, David Goldberg, Josh Kamen, Gail Kay, Marlene Moscoe, Gerry Posner, Judy Schwartz, Marvin Sokoloff, Rivka Strauss, Pauline Waldman, Carol Weiner, Bernice Weiss.
10 Years: Barbara Bernstein, Michael Lewis, Marlene Lebovits, Natie Nachman Maister, Mona Mausberg, Dayle Rakowsky, Issie Zabitsky.
15 Years: Elmira Biniaminova, Sandra Hayward,Stanley Solomon, Zena Zobin, Arna Cappe
20 Years: Abbey Brumer
25 Years: John Linsky
Volunteer Advisory Committee

Finally, a big thank you to the members of our Volunteer Advisory Committee, who represent all our volunteer supported programs:

  • Bernice Royce & Cara Lubarsky : Adult Day Program
  • Akemi Kato, Janet Chippen and Lana Rottenberg: Hospice Program
  • Barbara Caplan: Kosher Meals on Wheels Program
  • Barbara Cheng: Administrative Volunteer Program