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Using their Voices to Lead

Happy Nursing Week! Our RNs and RPNs play a challenging yet rewarding and vital role in our clients’ lives. They connect our clients to resources, provide assessments of our clients’ care needs, and train and supervise our staff of Personal Support Workers.

The theme of this year’s Nursing Week is A Voice to Lead – Healthcare for All. Below, we share stories about how our nurses use their voices to lead. Their care and diligence ensures that our clients receive excellent and personalized care for their health needs.

Image of Shira

I lead by noticing and asking questions.
“Recently, I noticed severe wounds on my client’s lower legs and asked how she was managing with wound care. She said it was difficult on her own. I connected with her physician and set the client up with nursing visits through the LHIN. I also set the client up with a home safety assessment, where she received proper recommendations to ensure her safety at home.”
-Shira, RN, Case Manager, Holocaust Survivor Services

Image of Margaryta

I lead by following up on concerns.
“One of my PSWs voiced a concern that her client had no food after he arrived home from the hospital. His family was not available to help, so I called him to ask if anyone else was available to bring him food. His answer was vague, so I advocated for him to get emergency meals and delivered them myself. He was tearful, and very thankful for the support.”
-Margaryta, RN, Client Services Supervisor

Image of Lina

I lead by providing guidance and support.
“I have a client in the end stages of her life with very complex care needs and in a vulnerable state. I arranged for overnight visits and provided her PSW with guidance and support in regards to the client’s diagnosis and specific care needs. Her PSW gained the knowledge and independence needed to support this client.”
-Lina, RPN, Client Services Supervisor

Image of Jessica

I lead by providing support in times of need.
“One of my clients was declining in health. I was concerned about his physical wellbeing after a recent visit to his family physician, so I visited him at home. He was exhausted and extremely tired, to the point where I contacted the LHIN to request palliative nurse practitioner to visit him ASAP. The nurse practitioner visited the next day, and my client was admitted to the hospital.”
-Jessica, RPN, Client Services Supervisor

Image of Reeshma

I lead by providing help to new Client Services Supervisors.
“I have been with Circle of Care for one year, and still feel new to my role as a Client Services Supervisor. The CSSs that were hired after me find that I am helpful with explaining and advising how to handle various situation. I am someone that they can reach out to, and I am happy to share tips on how to manage the daily workload.”
-Reeshma, RPN, Client Services Supervisor

Image of Melissa

I lead new PSWs towards a successful career.
“Every three months I lead our new Personal Support Workers through orientation. I spend time with our new PSWs, teach them about their position here, and answer their questions. I’m proud to help them start off with a good foundation at Circle of Care.”
– Melissa, RPN, CSS Practice Lead