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Supporting Older Adults with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Our Adult Day Program is a meeting place for older adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

For World Alzheimer’s Month, we’re sharing a series of photos capturing clients, employees and volunteers in everyday moments. It’s a small glimpse of the warm and welcoming environment that’s designed to support clients’ cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. The program also provides much-needed support for family caregivers. These supports help clients living with dementia to continue to live in their homes in the community.

Client Marion participates in group exercise and stretches. Keeping older adults active in a safe environment is one of the many benefits of our Adult Day Program.

Clients enjoy a lively session of Bingo – one of many activities that can help improve memory retention in older adults with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

As we age, nutrition doesn’t become any less important – which is why our Adult Day Program provides healthy and tasty meals for participants.

Medication management can often be a challenge for older adults with Alzheimer’s. At our Adult Day Program, registered nurse Madeline D’Arpino ensures that participants receive their medication, and take it at the correct time.

Each week, volunteer Ed Durbin leads a card circle at our Adult Day Program (ADP). His presence is such a draw that clients need to rotate turns so they all have time to spend with Ed!

Our volunteers find unique ways to make clients feel special – like Cara, who enjoys giving manicures to clients. Small things, like having their nails painted, can help an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease feel pampered and cared for.

Therapy dog Devon loves attention! Volunteers Aubrey and Gilda bring Devon to our Adult Day Program to provide comfort and cuddles to older adults coping with dementias and other cognitive impairments.

Our compassionate iRIDE drivers, like David Feldman, take clients door to door, arm in arm. Organized transportation is one of the many features of our Adult Day Program, which provides engaging activities for older adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as respite for their caregivers.

“Circle of Care is a blessing for people like my mom and their family caregivers. When she was first diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago, she would spend her days just sitting in her room, looking out the window or at the wall. Now she goes to the Adult Day Program every day for mental and physical stimulation, companionship, and nutritious meals. If it wasn’t for her ‘club,’ she would have been in a long-term care facility years ago.”
– Liliya F., caregiver