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""Staying Connected to Client Care

In the past year, our in-house Information Technology team continued to make innovative strides by designing improved solutions that pave the way for seamless care, patient choice and flexibility. Our new client app, MyCofC, is making it easier for families to keep track of visits and monitor services that are provided to their loved ones.

Once they have downloaded the free app, clients or family members are able to securely log in to their account from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Users can view scheduled visits and also track the status of visits and services as they happen – providing added comfort for caregivers who live a distance from their loved one.

For frontline staff, our PSW app has added features since it was first developed in 2015. In addition to providing up-to-date scheduling information, geo tracking, electronic visit verification and client signatures for additional visit confirmation, the app now allows PSWs to access organizational updates, policy changes and other tools that make them feel empowered and more connected. The app also allows PSWs to pre-order supplies and request statutory holidays and vacation days in advance.

This story is featured in Circle of Care’s Annual Report 2016-2017.