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Raising the Bar on Service Excellence

Collaborating with peers across the health-care landscape is one of the ways Circle of Care is able to continuously improve the quality of care for clients and family members. Recently, we took our commitment to excellence in client service to the next level by adopting an exclusive employee training program created by the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

The Service with H.E.A.R.T.® model helps frontline employees, as well those who work in a support role, understand that their role in creating positive client experiences is greater than the tasks associated with their job. Specifically designed to be used in a healthcare setting, the program has been successfully implemented across hospitals and other health-care settings in the United States, and also throughout Sinai Health.

The program’s clear and memorable model equips employees with skills to help them develop rapport with clients and address concerns. The client-first approach establishes expected service behaviours, provides a framework for managing difficult situations, and demonstrates how personal accountability sustains a culture of empathy.

“We’re thrilled that we were able to roll out this innovative program to all of our Personal Support Workers and corporate staff,” says Lara De Sousa, VP Client Services at Circle of Care. “This is yet another way we are empowering our employees to make a true difference in the lives of the people we care for.”

Training was led in partnership with Sinai Health’s Organizational Development department. “PSWs contribute greatly towards helping people feel more independent at home and enjoy a full quality of life,” says Judy MacDougall, Senior Manager, Organizational Development; Leadership and Learning at Sinai Health. “These outcomes are more likely when PSWs can build and sustain a care giving relationship through empathy, respect and commitment to service excellence. Service with Heart empowers them to grow that relationship.”

“The training gave me a newfound appreciation for my role as Personal Support Worker,” shared one of the participants. “I see the challenges that our clients go through regularly to accomplish their daily routines, and the difference that I make when I visit them. Training like Service with Heart gives me the confidence to provide quality care to the most vulnerable in our community.”