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Our PSWs: Going Above and Beyond

In recognition of Personal Support Worker Day (May 19), we’re shining a spotlight on some of our PSWs who go above and beyond in their role to keep older adults healthy and safe in their homes, for as long as possible.

Not only do PSW visits allow older adults to age with dignity, but they also act as an important safety check and respite for overwhelmed caregivers.

Image of Janiefer

Janiefer has been serving me for a long time and has always demonstrated how kind of a person she is. She is very experienced. Helping people is truly her mission. She’s irreplaceable!”

– Client

I would like to let you know how grateful I am for Susan. She takes good care of my mother, and communicates and interacts with her in a very kind, thoughtful and caring manner. She goes above and beyond her duties as PSW by having the initiative on how to take good care of my mother. When we talk about excellence and compassionate caring, Susan defines it.


Image of Susan

On a Sunday evening, Melody filled in for my regular PSW, and I thought I’d let you know what a really excellent person she is. Most of the ladies, believe me, have no faults but Melody really has that extra edge. If ever I need someone to fill in and she’s available, I would really like to know that it would be Melody. Thank you very much! ”


I am so grateful for the work Estifanos did for my husband. My husband used to anxiously wait for Estifanos to arrive, and once he did, my husband relaxed and felt cared for. Estifanos is an angel and one in a million!

-Client’s wife

Marivic cared for my grandmother for over a year. She showed absolute care, compassion and respect. As my grandmother didn’t speak English, and had dementia, Marivic took extra special steps to provide client-centred care. She even learned some Russian words to be able to cue and direct my grandmother to provide safe quality care. Marivic treated my grandmother as her own, with respect and dignity. I will never forget her kindness.

– Client’s granddaughter

Image of Marivic
Image of Reina

I want to express how amazing Reina is. She’s the best; she’s so good, she gives me chills! I’d like to have her all the time if she is available.

– Caregiver

Natalia and Imelda are kind, sensitive, loyal and devoted to their jobs. They’re both very attentive and notice things that even I don’t notice right away. Recently, they both noticed that my eye was red and asked me about it. Listening to their smart advice, I contacted an eye doctor and had the problem resolved. They are like the sun, coming into my home and improving my health. Their help is priceless!


Thank you for sending me such a jewel! If there are special rewards, Nora has to receive one. She made my difficult week much more manageable.


Yekaterina is a treasure to us! She is so good with Mom and always makes her feel important and cared for. She always talks to Mom like an equal and asks about the people in the photos and the knick knacks around the house. Mom always looks forward to her visits!

-Client’s daughter