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When the pandemic first made in-person classes impossible, Circle of Care exercise client Diana decided to search the internet for virtual exercises to do instead. She found several videos that she thought would work well. But following through with the videos proved to be a challenge.

“I kept saying tomorrow. For sure, tomorrow morning before breakfast,” says Diana. “Several days later, I still had not managed to follow a single routine. It became clear to me that I needed structure.”

The structure came soon, in the form of Circle of Care’s online exercise classes. Diana was thrilled when she found an email in her inbox announcing the start of virtual classes over ZOOM. Initially, she was wary about online classes, unsure of how to log onto the platform. Circle of Care staff were prepared to provide a walkthrough via phone to Diana and any interested individual on how to access our online programs. But, Diana’s grandchildren assisted her and provided her with the technical support she needed.

Diana became a regular participant, enjoying a variety of classes featuring exercises geared for older adults.

“I can honestly say that these classes were a lifesaver,” says Diana. “Both the physical and mental benefits of participating have helped me. I look forward to joining a few friends for the class, waving hello to each over before we start. It has certainly helped to decrease the feeling of isolation that we are all experiencing.”

Classes continue to run online Monday to Friday of each week, hosted by our wonderful team of exercise instructors. To get a sample of what the classes are like, click the link below.

“We are definitely very lucky indeed to have these classes,” says Diana. “I am the envy of several friends who live in other provinces and who lack these opportunities.”

Circle of Care continues to receive an abundance of positive feedback from participants, highlighting the structure, class variety, and welcoming environment. If you or a loved one are interested in participating in our online exercise classes, visit our Exercise and Falls Prevention page for class details and to register.