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Odeth C., Personal Support Worker, is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Person-Centred Care – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition, Champions of Care.

Odeth’s Passion for Making a Difference

For Odeth, being a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is more than a job, it’s about supporting older adults to help them continue to live a good quality life independently.

“I look forward to engaging with my clients, knowing that I make a difference in their lives while providing quality care and compassion,” says Odeth.

In her position as a PSW, she helps older adults with their everyday tasks such as assisting with personal hygiene, grooming, providing household management, socialization, and emotional support. Odeth is there to help her clients with their routine activities and to encourage client independence.

Though a Personal Support Worker is there to support the clients, they are often closely connected with the clients’ families as well.

“One moment I will never forget working with Circle of Care was when one of my clients’ husband had a heart attack while coming down the stairs. While her family members were understandably in a panic, I had to stay composed and called 911 while also performing CPR on him,” says Odeth. “Long story short the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away two days later. But, the one thing I take away from this is that his wife, to this day, always thanks me for giving her two more days with him. Even though he passed away, getting to spend two more days with him meant the world to her.”

Recognized for Her Compassion

Odeth was recently recognized by a client family member for her compassion and delicate care.

“Odeth comes to our home every day with a smile on her face, even during these turbulent times. She exudes such positivity and great energy and has the outmost respect for her work. So many of the little things she does go such a long way and it is important that you know this. You also need to know that she never complains, she always comes to work ready and willingly. She is the very definition of a PSW.

I truly hope Odeth realizes what an incredible human being she is and what an impact she has on the people she takes care of. She plays such an important part of our lives and please know that she is truly loved and adored by my entire family.”

In June 2023, Odeth received the recognition she deserves as she was nominated and received the Champions of Care Award for Person-Centred Care.

“I feel very honoured receiving this award, as it recognises my hard work and dedication working with Circle of Care for providing 110% quality care in the community each day,” says Odeth. “I start each day with gratitude knowing that I can continue to make a difference in people’s lives while caring for them.”