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New ENRICHES Pilot Addresses Diverse Caregiver Needs

Circle of Care was proud to partner with the ENRICHES Collaborative on a new pilot program designed to support caregivers for family members with developmental delays. The ENRICHES Collaborative, based at Mount Sinai Hospital and funded in part by the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, brings together local health and community leaders to address the complex challenges facing isolated caregivers 55+ living in Toronto.

The initiative matches caregivers with a Circle of Care social workers for six months of intensive case management and support. Together they will set goals of care and develop a plan to achieve them; make connections to services across the system; navigate options for financial assistance (if applicable); pursue social opportunities; and explore the use of technology and social media for support and resources.

“Every caregiver’s journey is unique,” explained Lara de Sousa, Vice President, Client Services. “But by joining forces with ENRICHES, which links us to experts and support from the Reitman Centre, North York Community House, and Developmental Services Ontario, we have a much better opportunity to find solutions that can address their specific needs.”