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Describe your volunteer experience.

I’ve been volunteering with Circle of Care since 2014. Currently, I volunteer and support the office team with clerical duties such as conducting surveys over the phone, tracking comments on our services, and entering and scanning data.

Before my current position, I previously supported Circle of Care programs by providing support to older adults at social events. I was able to connect with them and reduce their anxiety, while also reminding them of their value in the community.

What inspired you to become a volunteer with Circle of Care?

I wanted to volunteer my free time to give back to the community. I’m knowledgeable with computers and I speak Russian, so I thought joining Circle of Care as a volunteer was a good fit. I enjoy clerical work and love and respect seniors. It gives me pleasure to be a part of their lives.

Has volunteering changed your outlook in any way?

Being able to volunteer and support the older adult community has made me happier and more outgoing. I really enjoy the socializing that volunteering provides. It has helped me find my place in the community, while also making me feel useful and appreciated.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to another volunteer or potential volunteer?

If you have the time, desire, and patience, commit to volunteering in the friendly environment at Circle of Care.