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Meals on Wheels Offers More Choice for Clients

Already one of the largest and longest-running Meals on Wheels programs in Canada, Circle of Care provided over a quarter of a
million meals in 2019-20, delivered by over 200 volunteers.

To offer more choice for clients, the program began offering “Kosher style” meals this year, in addition to certified Kosher meals. This option has been very popular with clients and demand doubled within weeks of their introduction.

The pressure of COVID-19 inspired staff to quickly pivot the program early in 2020. Knowing that some of the 200 volunteers would be unable to make deliveries, and aware that the pandemic would make at-risk clients more vulnerable, Circle of Care staff joined the programs’ volunteers to personally deliver meals. The program quickly switched to deliver frozen meals in bulk to clients once per week, cutting back on delivery frequency and ensuring that all clients could continue receiving their meals.