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Margaux D., Personal Support Worker, is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Excellence – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition, Champions of Care.

Margaux: Inspired to Help Others

Living with her grandparents as a child inspired Margaux to pursue a career where she can help others.

“Living with my grandparents really opened my eyes to the support that older adults need on a daily basis – even if it’s just small things,” says Margaux. “This is what inspired me to be helpful and support those who need a helping hand.”

She became a registered nurse in the Philippines and worked in their healthcare industry before coming to Canada and joining Circle of Care’s Personal Support Worker (PSW) team.

“I became a Personal Support Worker with the thought that I would soon become a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse in Canada, but I just stayed as a PSW, because I like it!” says Margaux. “It’s very simple and if you have a tough day, all you really have to do is just smile and breathe and everything will be okay.”

As a PSW, Margaux supports older adults with their everyday tasks such as assisting with personal hygiene, grooming, providing household management, socialization, and emotional support. She’s there to help her clients with their routine activities and to encourage client independence.

“Being in the PSW position has given me the outlook on life to treat everyone with respect, love, and dignity, because one day you will need the helping hand of someone,” says Margaux.

Her Deep Connections with Clients and their Families

As a Personal Support Worker, Margaux has regular clients each week, allowing her to develop deeper relationships with the clients and their caregivers and families.

“From day one, Margaux showed love and concern for my mom. She kept in contact with us after each visit to let us know Mom was ok. Margaux would have chats with my mom and she treated her with dignity, even though Mom’s dementia didn’t allow her to converse very well,” says a client’s caregiver. “It was a comfort to know that someone not related to us could take such good care of our mom, the way she would her own grandmother. Margaux exemplifies dedication and commitment to her job. In a world so often filled with selfishness, it is so refreshing to see kindness, caring, concern and dedication to one’s job.”

Margaux was nominated by multiple clients who highlighted her kindness and compassion during her time with them. As a result, Margaux was nominated to receive Circle of Care’s Award for Excellence, as part of our Champions of Care program.

“When I go to work on a daily basis, it’s to help the clients. I never expected to get anything in return, but I’m very happy to receive this award,” says Margaux.

Celebrated for Her Excellence

In June 2023, Margaux received the Champions of Care Award for Excellence. This award is given to someone who relentlessly advances the quality of care within the organization and pursues the highest standards in care. Margaux demonstrated a high quality of care to her clients and colleagues and continues to go above and beyond the call of duty.

“In all honesty, this moment is a moment that I will never forget,” says Margaux. “I am incredibly grateful and I would like to thank the clients, supervisors and coordinators who recognized my hard work and nominated me.”