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Josie M., Service Coordinator,  is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Excellence – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition, Champions of Care.

Creating Satisfaction and Joy

Meet Josie, a Service Coordinator at Circle of Care, who strives to bring happiness to both our clients and staff on a daily basis. With unwavering determination, Josie works to ensure that everyone she interacts with experiences satisfaction with the assistance she provides.

A highlight for Josie is being able to hear the appreciation expressed by our clients regarding the services we provide. “I find it heartening when I hear that the staff I have assigned is a perfect match for a client,” she says.

As part of the Service Coordination team, Josie plays a pivotal role in fostering effective communication among clients, their families, Personal Support Workers, and various departments, all with the aim of organizing the essential home care visits our clients require. Working closely with our dedicated Personal Support Workers and collaborating with other departments, Josie ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of care possible.

“I always look forward to talking with clients whether in person or over the phone. Assisting them with maintaining their independence at home is truly fulfilling,” says Josie. “Furthermore, working alongside my colleagues and managers has been an invaluable experience. They truly are the most outstanding team to collaborate with.”

Compassion: The Driving Force Behind Josie’s Success

As a Service Coordinator, Josie builds meaningful connections with our clients, enabling her to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs. Tara, our Quality and Risk Specialist, speaks highly of Josie’s ability to provide personalized care to clients and their families. Tara trusts Josie implicitly to handle delicate situations with the utmost care and diligence. “Whenever Josie is working, I am confident that we are in good hands. Clients and families consistently express their gratitude for her assistance. Her patience and kindness, even in challenging circumstances, leave a lasting impact,” says Tara.

In her role, Josie also works closely with Personal Support Workers, establishing genuine rapport and fostering an environment where they feel comfortable seeking assistance when required. Ma Anne, a Personal Support Worker, attests to Josie’s unwavering availability and invaluable guidance. “Josie is always there for me whenever I need immediate help. She’s understanding and provides assistance on how to overcome challenging situations,” says Ma Anne. “She immediately responds, even after leaving a voicemail. For me, she’s the best Coordinator I have had. Lastly, she takes care of all of her PSWs; she always stays connected to us.”

Josie firmly believes that honesty is the key to providing excellent care and ensuring client satisfaction. She recalls a situation where a client with a scheduled WheelTrans ride expressed concern about potential delays. Recognizing the importance of giving this client support, Josie arranged for the client’s Personal Support Worker to remain by their side until the vehicle arrived. She took the initiative to inform the next client on the PSW’s schedule about the situation, “I explained that the PSW would be running a bit late,” says Josie. “The client was very understanding of the situation and was grateful to be informed. It’s important to be honest with clients.”

Josie’s remarkable dedication and compassionate nature earned her a nomination for our Award for Excellence in our Champions of Care program. Staff members highlighted Josie’s exceptional patience, boundless compassion, and genuine care for others. Josie’s commitment to going above and beyond her duties sets her apart, and her well-deserved recognition speaks volumes about her outstanding contributions to our organization.

“It’s encouraging to know that our clients are not only happy with the staff we provide but also that these staff connect with them on a personal level, bringing smiles to their faces,” Josie shares with a sense of pride. “And when I hear that our staff members are equally satisfied, it uplifts not only my spirit but also the spirits of everyone on the team.”

Celebrated for her Excellence

In June 2023, we presented Josie with the Champions of Care Award for Excellence. This award recognizes individuals who relentlessly advance the quality of care within our organization and pursue the highest standards in care. Josie’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care to both clients and colleagues alike, coupled with her willingness to go the extra mile, earned her this well-deserved recognition.

“I am truly grateful to receive this award,” expresses Josie. “I look forward to working with my team each day, learning from them, providing encouragement, and supporting one another. It is through teamwork that we accomplish great things.”