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Joan G., Payroll Administrator,  is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Accountability – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition, Champions of Care.

A Journey of Growth, Support, and Accountability

Meet Joan, Circle of Care’s incredible Payroll Administrator. Joan, who has been with us since 1987, started as a co-op placement student, eager to make her mark as an Administrative Assistant during the early years of Circle of Care. Since then, Joan has become a versatile and valued team member, taking on a variety of roles within our organization over the past 36 years. From Administrative Assistant, to Receptionist, to Payroll & Human Resources Coordinator to her current position as a Payroll Administrator, Joan’s influence has been wide-reaching within Circle of Care.

“When I look back at my career progression, I realize how each position has shaped me and helped me grow,” Joan reflects. “Circle of Care provided me with the opportunity to learn, gain confidence, and discover my true potential, as well as help to navigate my path to where I would like to see myself in the future.”

Although she started off in staff-facing roles, with the expansion of our organization, the need for a dedicated assistant to support the Payroll Coordinator became apparent. Joan stepped up to the challenge, assisting with inputting information into the payroll system. No longer meeting and greeting people in-person daily, Joan’s various roles on the Payroll team has her operating behind the scenes, diligently ensuring that everyone gets paid for their hard work.

As the Payroll Administrator, Joan is responsible for Circle of Care’s payroll systems, carefully maintaining records of each payroll release and procedures. She also acts as a crucial point of contact for staff, addressing their inquiries and offering support whenever needed.

“Whether it’s through face-to-face interactions in the office, or phone calls or emails, I enjoy connecting with my fellow colleagues across the organization and providing assistance,” Joan shares. “It’s a role that brings me great satisfaction.”

Connecting and Supporting: Joan’s Role as a Vital Resource

Despite her many years of experience, Joan continues to challenge herself to learn and grow.

“Working in Payroll for a number of years now has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge,” Joan says. “But I never stop seeking opportunities to expand my understanding and skills. Whether it’s mastering a new program or acquiring proficiency in a task that I need to do, I strive to keep pushing myself.”

Her dedication and expertise have made Joan not just a valued member of the Payroll team but also a respected colleague and a source of support for her peers.

“I am so lucky to work with Joan every day. I am so grateful and am indebted to her for her unwavering support,” says a former coworker. “Joan is one in a million with her infectious laugh, positive energy, and always thinking about others.”

Joan’s colleagues recognized her exceptional qualities, and nominating her for the Award for Accountability as part of our Champions of Care program.

Known for her kindness, patience, and empathetic attitude, Joan stood out among the nominees.

“I genuinely love my job, the incredible staff I work with, and take immense pride in what I do,” Joan says. “My patience and positive attitude comes from just being who I am. I always think of others, how I would react if I were in their situation, and patiently listen, while trying to help in whatever way I can – even if it’s just to say a kind word.”

Celebrated for her Accountability

In June 2023, Joan’s outstanding dedication and unwavering accountability were recognized as she received the Award for Accountability. This award is given to an employee who is trusted by many, helps provide a better quality of life, and showcases integrity and transparency in their role. Joan feels blessed, honoured, and deeply grateful to receive this prestigious recognition.

“I accept this award with immense pride and appreciation,” Joan says. “It serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability in everything we do and the impact we can have on those around us.”