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Salomon G., iRide Driver, is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Award for Equity – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Providing Safe and Secure Rides in the Community

Twelve years ago, Salomon G. was searching for work, and a friend of his suggested he apply to Circle of Care as an iRIDE driver.

“I wish I knew about this position sooner,” says Salomon. “I love helping seniors in the community.”

As an iRIDE driver, Salomon helps older adults or people with mobility issues travel around safely and affordably in a clean and secure vehicle. He takes it a step further each day and makes sure that every client makes it safely to their destination.

“Whenever I’m able to help a client out of the van and into their building, it makes me feel good, because I know they’re safe and they’ve successfully made it to their destination,” he says.

When Salomon joined Circle of Care’s iRIDE team, he was inspired by the passion Circle of Care staff had for their clients.

“I see so many people going above and beyond. I’m inspired by everyone here. I feel the need to go above and beyond for not just the team, but for the clients as well,” he says.

Taking Clients Where They Need to Go

For Salomon, driving everyday is a pleasure when it comes to helping his clients, no matter if there’s traffic or not.

“My favourite part of my job is taking my clients to where they need to go. It’s that simple,” says Salomon. “I’m very happy that I am able to help anyone in any way, and helping them get to a doctor’s appointment or the hospital is a huge part in their lives.”

One client with a walker expressed her gratitude for Salomon’s assistance with getting her to her doctor’s office. The building was in a construction zone with few places to park and the office was on the second floor with 10 steps leading to the front door. The client wasn’t expecting Salomon to help her up the stairs, but he did so very graciously – wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) to boot.

“Salomon helped me a lot with my walker; he carried my walker up many stairs, helped me get in to the doctor’s office, while also asking the office secretary what time my appointment would end, so he could help me afterwards. He helped me out of the office; drove me back home and was so nice to me the entire time!” says the client.

While the client was with their doctor, Salomon was waiting nearby to help her from the building to the vehicle. However, when she didn’t emerge from the office at the specified time, he got worried and immediately went up to check on her.

“I went upstairs to the doctor’s office and I saw her sitting there,” says Salomon. “And she was so happy to see me and grateful that I went inside to help her.”

Celebrated for Equity

In June 2022, Salomon received the Champions of Care Award for Equity. This award is given to someone who ensures an inclusive and respectful environment for all that seek care. He was nominated for this award by multiple clients.

“I am happy to receive the award – but happier to help the clients,” says Salomon. “There are so many seniors who need help, and all of them are just amazing. I’m glad this organization exists to help them.”

Our Champions of Care program is designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day duties, and who exemplify Circle of Care’s values. Nominations are collected each year from April 1 to March 31, and winners are announced each June. We welcome nominations by Circle of Care clients and family members on behalf of staff members that you interact with. If you would like to nominate a Circle of Care employee for an award, please fill out our nomination form: https://www.circleofcare.com/champions-of-care-nomination-form/