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Circle of Care is proud to host many students over the summer to help them expand their knowledge in certain fields. As the sun sets on another remarkable season, we asked our students to share their perspectives on what it was like working with us.

“This summer, I worked as an HR Intern within the Learning and Development department at Circle of Care. One remarkable aspect I would like to highlight about Circle of Care is the positive and inclusive atmosphere that resonates throughout the organization, especially towards new employees like myself. The collective willingness of everyone I have encountered to provide support and guidance has truly shaped my experience as a student here.

Reflecting on my time here, a particularly memorable occurrence was the student lunch organized by Allison Kujbida and the team. This event not only facilitated a platform for students to connect but also offered valuable insights into the diverse roles that exist within the organization. It was a great opportunity for me to meet my fellow summer students and learn more about their educational backgrounds and their roles here at Circle of Care.”

– Beimnet T., Learning & Development HR Student

“This is my second summer with Circle of care which speaks volumes. The opportunities to work face to face with clients are endless. I have facilitated groups, managed a case load of clients including home visits, participated in daily interdisciplinary hospice huddles, monthly palliative case rounds and social work case study reviews. This work experience has been invaluable. By far and away the most memorable thing for me has been how much part of the team I have been made to feel. Thank you Circle of Care for this opportunity!”

Nicola F., Volunteer Resources Student

“Contributing within the Quality Department this summer has been a rewarding experience and an invaluable growth opportunity. I had the pleasure of working both within and beyond the Quality Department, to support quality improvement initiatives (QI) across Circle of Care.

My favorite part was learning about the different stakeholders and programs involved, and their perspectives, in order to develop targeted QI initiatives. I also enjoyed learning how to collect and effectively present data to help enhance quality of care for clients, as well as strengthen our internal workflows. Overall, I am so grateful that I had a chance to be involved in a diverse range of QI projects – from supporting program evaluation and survey design, analyzing data and presenting monthly KPIs, to implementing process improvement ideas – there was never a dull moment! Most importantly, I truly appreciate the welcoming culture across the organization and my Quality team for being so supportive and open to creativity/new ideas for improving our processes.”

– Manahil I., Quality Student

“My position at Circle of Care was “Human Resources Student”, focusing on Health and Wellness. Circle of Care really cares for their clients, employees, students, volunteers and more – I’ve felt very welcomed during my time here.

Out of all the good memories I’ve had during my summer here, one memorable moment at CofC that had made a positive impact on me was our HR team lunch. During this lunch, I was able to connect with everyone on our HR team. The team expressed their appreciation for my hard work during my time here. It felt nice to know my hard work was recognized by everyone and this boosted my self-esteem at work. Circle of Care makes sure to let everyone know their appreciation for everyone’s hard work. There are many companies that do not show recognition or appreciation to their students – Circle of Care is not like that. Working at Circle of Care was an amazing learning experience and I was able to learn so much about the real world – information I wouldn’t be able to fully grasp in a classroom. Working at Circle of Care is something I would highly recommend to other students.”

– Nasrin A., Human Resources Student

“During my internship at Circle of Care, I was working with the HR Department, providing support to the recruitment team for both union and non-union hires. This experience proved to be an invaluable opportunity for me. As I progressed through my time at Circle of Care, I found myself increasingly engaged in a variety of projects. I am immensely grateful to the HR team, particularly my manager Allison, for their trust in me and their commitment to introducing me to new avenues of learning.

My experience at Circle of Care left a deep impact not only on my professional growth but also on my personal life, instilling a greater sense of purpose into each hour. One of the standout moments for me was witnessing the successful hiring of the first candidate for whom I had managed the recruitment process. This achievement filled me with a sense of pride, underscoring my capacity to lead and make a meaningful impact.”

Nafise M., Human Resources Student

“My summer student position was in Hospice/Bereavement as well as Volunteer Services. This opportunity was great because it allowed me to explore my interests in counselling and get real direct experience with clients. I also really enjoyed connecting with clients at our social programs like Let’s Get Together and our intergenerational Triple G program where I got to hear clients’ stories about life.

Working with Circe of Care overall was a positive experience that has helped me decide that working with seniors in social work is the right decision for me. I am very optimistic and more decisive of my future thanks to the experience I had at Circle of Care.”

Jacquelynne P., Bereavement and Hospice Student

“Working with Circle of Care as a summer student twice has been an absolute privilege. Everyone across the organization has been so welcoming and kind. Throughout my time here, I have been able to delve into the dynamic world of Communications in the field of healthcare. From helping craft informative materials to writing articles, I have gained valuable insights into effective communication strategies that contribute to the betterment of healthcare services. Knowing that the information we share can help PSWs, clients, and their families alike has reaffirmed the importance that Communications plays in fostering connections and support in healthcare.

I am so grateful to the communication’s team, especially my manager, Michelle, for allowing me the opportunity to work on a diverse set of projects such as the new CareNet site, DEI checklist, fundraising initiatives, and the annual report where I was able to pick up new skills and work with different departments across the organization. Thank you for your guidance, patience and unwavering support!”

Pooja S., Communications Student