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A Day in the Life of Reeshma H., Professional Practice Lead

At Circle of Care, we hire Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) into different roles that support the older adults community. Our nurses are either Client Services Supervisors (CSSs), Holocaust Case Managers, or are in another management role.

We’re highlighting the various roles nurses have within the healthcare system by sharing what Circle of Care nurses do in their roles each day. Here is Reeshma’s day in the life as a Professional Practice Lead.

As the Professional Practice Lead for our Client Services Supervisor team, my day includes a myriad of tasks and projects. I start my day by logging onto my computer and create my list of items to complete during that day and week. My top priorities include providing clinical, technical, and administrative support to my colleagues on the Client Services team, keeping current with provincial guidelines for managing COVID-19, providing advice to staff about what to do in specific COVID-19 situations and developing guidelines/gathering resources for the CSS toolbox. I also support the Client Services team in any way I can by answering questions or brainstorming solutions to challenging situations.

I provide advice and guidance based on my nursing background for the projects I participate in, including for the Delegation Working Group, Fall Prevention Strategy and Assessment, the PSW New Hire Support Forum, the Medication Management Group, Adverse Event Case Reviews, the Joint Health and Safety Committee, IPAC and PPE best practices, and PSW and Client COVID-19 screening. By providing support and assistance with these projects, I’m able to help ensure excellence in many areas that ultimately transcends to our clients – allowing them to receive the best care.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been responsible for sharing any communication and information about the COVID-19 virus and providing recommendations on infection control and PPE protocols. Keeping an updated COVID-19 playbook for all staff remains my number one priority and by doing so, we are all able to adapt and ensure the safety of Circle of Care personnel and clients through the pandemic.

Reeshma H. Professional Practice Lead

Reeshma H., Professional Practice Lead

I feel pride and joy to be able to use my knowledge as a nurse to provide clinical and best practice support in the Home and Community sector through Circle of Care.