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How #WeAnswerTheCall

A Day in the Life of Muna S., Client Services Supervisor

At Circle of Care, we hire Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) into different roles that support the older adults community. Our nurses are either Client Services Supervisors (CSSs), Holocaust Case Managers, or are in another management role.

We’re highlighting the various roles nurses have within the healthcare system by sharing what Circle of Care nurses do in their roles each day. Here is Muna’s day in the life as a Client Service Supervisor.

The profession of nursing is truly a calling, one that is deliberately chosen and aligned to the personal skills, qualities, and abilities of those who choose to answer it. I use my nursing knowledge and skills in my role as a Client Service Supervisor (CSS) here at Circle of Care. The daily life of a CSS can be defined as the masters of multitaskers – or better – as a jack of all trades.

I start my day off by prioritizing my tasks, which often includes approaching the highest risk events first, and then overcoming challenges as they arise. This can come in many different forms each day, either by emails, voicemails, calls from or to our clients, staff, or various funders. For each situation, I need to assess the client and connect with available resources in the community to provide the necessary support that the client needs.

Each day often includes both clinical and administrative tasks. One of my main duties is completing client assessments. This entails visiting clients in their homes to determine their care needs and developing a care plan specific to each client. After each assessment, I complete a care plan, these are specific task for each client for PSWs to complete. I also do delegation visits – these are training PSWs on specific duties, which helps ensure our clients’ care needs are met. Every six months, I re-assess the client’s needs to ensure they are receiving the best care possible. I also provide support for both clients and my PSW team, and advocate for further support for our clients. All of these tasks and this role is extremely holistic.

Muna S., a Client Services Supervisor holding up a sign that says We Answer the Call

Muna S., a Client Services Supervisor with Circle of Care

As a CSS, I am also a mediator for any client and staff concerns. I work along with my team of PSWs and Service Coordinators to provide excellent person-centered care. I collaborate with allied professionals when needed and problem solve resulting in positive outcomes for both our clients and our staff. Overall, the CSS team often supports other departmental needs when needed.

I get support from the other CSSs at Circle of Care, as they have extensive nursing knowledge and together we can collaborate on timely and effective decisions that result in positive outcomes for both our clients and our staff. The pandemic has brought on additional concerns and challenges, but all of the CSSs work together to share swift solutions to new problems that may arise each day. For me, each day consists of a good balance of team and individual work that ultimately leads to the best possible care and solutions for both our clients and team.

Our CSS team also sits on different committees across Circle of Care that contribute to the advancement of the organization, and we provide our expertise and insight into various important aspects of care across the organization.

Overall, my daily work has no structured routine – just like each other CSSs. Each day is different, and we adjust and flex ourselves accordingly to overcome every challenge that comes our way. The most humble and rewarding part of this role is the client-centred care approach we provide to our clients, and the leadership we provide to our PSWs.