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How #WeAnswerTheCall

A Day in the Life of Mae J., Client Service Supervisor

At Circle of Care, we hire Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) into different roles that support the older adults community. Our nurses are either Client Services Supervisors (CSSs), Holocaust Case Managers, or are in another management role.

We’re highlighting the various roles nurses have within the healthcare system by sharing what Circle of Care nurses do in their roles each day. Here is Mae’s day in the life as a Client Services Supervisor.

As a Client Service Supervisor (CSS), my day-to-day is always evolving. As I am directly involved in providing support for our clients, and each day is filled with a variety of unique tasks. But, the routine is often fairly similar each day. I start by checking and responding to emails and voicemails that were sent by my clients or staff, and then I start and complete tasks and follow-up with safety risks identified for certain clients.

My days often include completing home visits for delegation training, assessments, or case conferences. This is one of the main ways we – CSSs – are involved in ensuring excellent client care. As mentioned, the daily life of a CSS is always changing – especially during the pandemic. A lot of time now is spent ensuring fellow Client Services, overall staff, and clients are safe by providing educational resources, following up on issues in a timely manner, and completing contact tracing to ensure precautions are in place.

Working in the community means we have a diverse client caseload involving many different physical and mental health challenges in each client. Our role often goes beyond just client care. When we do our home visits and complete assessments, we also consider the client’s family and caregivers when determining what the best care option would be for the client. The rewarding part of my role is when I am able to provide assistance to clients and their families and bring emotional and physical support, relieving some of life’s challenges.