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How #WeAnswerTheCall

A Day in the Life of Anna K., Manager of the Holocaust Survivor Services Program

At Circle of Care, we hire Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) into different roles that support the older adults community. Our nurses are either Client Services Supervisors (CSSs), Holocaust Case Managers, or are in another management role.

We’re highlighting the various roles nurses have within the healthcare system by sharing what Circle of Care nurses do in their roles each day. Here is Anna’s day in the life as a Manager of the Holocaust Survivor Services Program

As the Manager of our Holocaust Survivor Services Program, I have a multitude of responsibilities that ultimately ensures excellence in care for our clients. In this position, I enhance the lives of our clients by using my knowledge, skills, and judgement, while also addressing any concerns or needs that may arise from our clients.

As the proud mother of three young children, my day starts off by sending the two older children to school. The youngest stays next to me as I turn on my computer and start work.

Each day, I start checking my emails and prioritizing tasks with a very organized and colourful ‘to-do’ list. Then, my mornings are usually filled with meetings where I do a check-in with my team, and confer with other teams. Between meetings, I try to answer any emails that come my way and check-off some items on my ‘to-do’ list before the afternoon. After my meetings I put my youngest child down for a nap and then come back to my computer where I then have more time to address inquiries and challenges.

One of my responsibilities includes connecting with our partners and third party vendors at least once a day where I can address and overcome any challenges that have been brought to my attention from our staff and clients. By 1:30pm, my afternoon meetings start and usually don’t end until 3pm. After my meetings, I continue to assist my Practice Leads with any challenges or concerns, and then I follow-up with phone calls to our clients. Connecting with our clients is one of my favourite parts of my position. Even if a concern with a client has been addressed, I still follow-up with the client to see how they’re doing and feeling. Accountability was drilled into me since day one when I studied nursing. So, I try and practice that each day by ensuring I set a good example for my team and remain available to my team as much as I can.

It’s just a pleasure to work with such a compassionate and caring team because we’re all there to support one another, which ultimately ensures excellence in client care.