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 Vuso Moyana volunteers with the Akira MD project, a collaborative effort between Circle of Care and Baycrest that helps older adults manage their health information through telemedicine, and engage in secure text and video with primary care and health professionals.

1) What inspired you to begin volunteering for Circle of Care?

I have volunteered before for another hospice. When I moved to North York, I wanted to continue my volunteer work with vulnerable members of my new community, with a special focus on our precious seniors. I am also passionate about technology and when the Akira project started at Baycrest it was the perfect volunteer role for me working with seniors and technology.

2) Is there a specific moment you recall while volunteering that made you feel like you made a real difference?

I remember teaching a client to use Facetime before I taught her how to initiate the Akira video call. I will never forget the smile on her face. She was so happy that she could now talk to her family members and see them, and the health care providers too. It made me realize that small things that we take for granted can make an incredible difference in someone’s life and help to end their isolation.

3) Has volunteering changed your outlook in any way?

Volunteering has taught me to be more grateful for every single day, for precious family and friends, and to appreciate every “stranger” I interact with, whether we spend a few minutes tother, a few hours, a few days or years. Everyone is different, but we are all one family on this planet, we all belong. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect, whatever their circumstance. I look forward to every client visit, and always take time to chat with the clients and learn more about them. It’s a unique and inspiring experience every time, and I have learned so much!

4) What makes a good volunteer?

A good volunteer should learn to develop strong listening skills and connect emotionally with the client, treating them with genuine empathy and respect at all time. It also helps to smile a lot!

5) What advice would you give to someone who is considering a volunteer position?

Choose a volunteer role that you are genuinely interested in. Your volunteer work should always be a joy, not a burden. What you get out of volunteering, in terms of personal growth, maturity and personal fulfilment will be far more than you can imagine.

6) What are your interests outside of volunteering?

Fishing, travelling, movies, music, different types food, religion.

7) Do you have any words to live by?

I must do something always solves more problems than something must be done.” – Unknown

8) What is the most recent book you read?

The Rosetta Key, by William Dietrach

9) Where is “home”?

Toronto, Africa

10) Chocolate or Vanilla?