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Ivan started working with Circle of Care in January 2023 as a placement student and continued with us for the summer as a summer student. We recently asked Ivan some questions about his experience with Circle of Care.

1. What are your duties as a Volunteer Student with Circle of Care?

I work with the Hospice and Bereavement department. I assist them with onboarding clients, and providing one-on-one hospice and/or bereavement support for our clients. I also work in Volunteer Services co-facilitating the volunteer-run Let’s Get Together program, and organizing and bagging meals for our Meals on Wheels volunteers. And lastly, I support the volunteer team with other program needs, by friendly visiting, being a phone pal, and a medical escort to a client if needed.

2. Why did you choose Circle of Care?

I chose Circle of Care because it is a reputable organization and I wanted to help members of my community. After working at Circle of Care, I definitely plan on working with older adults again. Many older adults are vulnerable or isolated, and get left behind and forgotten. That’s why I think it is important to look after our seniors.

3. What’s one thing you look forward to in your position?

I always look forward to connecting with clients and brightening their day – if possible. I want to make a positive impact to as many people as I can. It is important to me that the job I do makes a difference in our clients’ lives and it gives me career satisfaction knowing that I am able to help others.

4. Has working with volunteers changed your outlook to life in any way?

I realized how kind and generous our volunteers are and I am honoured to be working among them. For example, one of the staff members that works with me at the Let’s Get Together program is always so passionate, full of energy, and will go out of her way to ensure the clients have a good experience.

5. What’s one positive memory you have at Circle of Care?

A positive memory I have is of my first Let’s Get Together program. Looking back, I was so nervous, but the clients loved the program and were looking forward to the next one.