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Brian Lass volunteers on the Board of Directors for Circle of Care.

1) What inspired you to begin volunteering for Circle of Care?

I have volunteered for over 35 years in other areas of the community including 6 years as President and/or Chairman of two organizations, but not with this population or demographic. When I was asked by Sinai to be on the Board of Circle of Care, I jumped at the opportunity.

2) Is there a specific moment you recall while volunteering that made you feel like you made a real difference?

There is no one moment.

As an observer at a recent Volunteer Appreciation evening, I saw an incredible number of people who volunteer, from different parts of the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. As a Board member I get to see the numbers (not the names) of clients we service in the multitude of programs we offer. This is a GREAT organization!

3) Has volunteering changed your outlook in any way?

Volunteering for Circle of Care has made realize how vulnerable it clients can be, and how necessary the work is. Coincidentally, both my parents told me that they are each receiving services from Circle of Care.

4) What makes a good volunteer?

Someone with passion for the organization, and with a passion for getting the job(s) done.

5) What advice would you give to someone who is considering a volunteer position?

Try to match up your skills to an organization you feel needs help.

6) What are your interests outside of volunteering?

Spending time with family especially our young and very young grandchildren.
World history from the Enlightenment to the present.

7) Do you have any words to live by?

Always do the best you can, others are not impressed by your excuses.

8) What is the most recent book you read?

What It Takes by Stephen A Schwartzman.

9) Where is “home”?


10) Chocolate or Vanilla?

It depends. If it’s ice cream, then vanilla. But if it’s bars, then chocolate.