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Get to Know a Volunteer: Patti Nwe

Patti Nwe recently achieved an award at the Annual Volunteer Recognition Night for the Mount Sinai Friendly Visiting and Medical Companion Escort program. 

Q1) What inspired you to begin volunteering at Circle of Care? 

I have enjoyed volunteering for as long as I can remember. My parents were my role models – they taught me to always be kind to others and to lend a hand when needed. Twenty years ago, I immigrated to Canada from  Myanmar (Burma). During my career as a physician, working far from home and my own parents, I was always driven to take care of my patients in the same way I hoped someone was taking care of my own parents. Now that I’m retired and my parents have passed away, I feel like volunteering with seniors is a way for me to feel like I still have a connection to them and my former career.

Q2) What do you feel is the most rewarding part about volunteering? 

When I see my clients engaging in day-to-day activities with enthusiasm, I feel like I am making a real difference.

Q3) Has volunteering changed your outlook in any way? 

Yes – it makes me feel very humbled and honoured.

Q4) How do you stay motivated? 

I love this quote by D.L. Moody:
“Do all the good you can,
To all the people you can,
in all the ways you can,
As long as you can.”

Q5) What advice would you give someone who is considering a volunteer position? 


Q6) What are your interests outside of volunteering? 

Gardening, long walks, all kinds of sports, listening to music, reading and meditation.

Q7) Do you have any words to live by? 

All human beings are born FREE and EQUAL IN DIGINITY and RIGHTS.

Q8) What is the most recent book you read? 

The Way to Inner Peace”, by Kingsley Rajapakse.

Q9) Where is “home”? 

“Home” is where you are right now! We are all, one family!

Q10) Chocolate or Vanilla?

What about lettuce?