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Wednesdays with LollyExploring Expressive Art Therapy

Providing volunteers with opportunities to enhance their interactions with clients is the motivation behind “Wednesdays with Lolly”, an annual event made possible by Lorne Propas, in memory of his late wife, Lolly.

This year’s session featured the benefits of expressive art therapy, leading attendees through several art therapy exercises including mask making, painting, and journaling.

“For people in hospice care, there can be a feeling of helplessness, and a lot of empty hours to fill,” explained facilitator Maya Trendov. “Working on an art project can give them an opportunity to feel proud of accomplishing something that day. It’s something they can have control over, which is so empowering near the end of life.”

This story is featured in Circle of Care’s Annual Report 2016-2017.