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Jessica C., Client Services Coordinator is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Collaboration – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Empathy in Action: How Jessica’s Dedication Transforms Lives at Circle of Care

Meet Jessica C., a passionate and devoted Circle of Care employee who has found her calling in caring for others. Before becoming a Client Services Coordinator, she spent three fulfilling years as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), tending to clients in various care settings. To Jessica, her clients were like family, and she cherished the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives.

“I loved working as a PSW and being able to care for others,” she shared.

However, life’s circumstances led Jessica to explore new career avenues while still retaining her desire to help people. Embracing change, she embarked on a journey to expand her skills and knowledge, enrolling in an Administration course and earning her certificate.

Starting in May 2018, Jessica moved into an office role and began working as a Client Services Representative (CSR) at Circle of Care, where she responded to phone calls from clients, staff, and members of the public.

Jessica’s unwavering dedication and remarkable talent soon garnered the attention of her colleagues and supervisors, leading to a well-deserved opportunity. Within just nine months, she impressively secured the role of Client Services Coordinator. Nevertheless, despite her evident capabilities, she initially approached the position with a sense of cautious humility.

“After seeing and hearing about all the work that Service Coordinators did every day, I didn’t think I could do the role,” admits Jessica. “It was so different from anything else I’d done.”

Drawing experience from her background as a PSW and CSR, she showcased an empathetic approach to care coordination that surpassed her own expectations. Her concern for clients and team members alike made her a strong member of the Service Coordination team, and someone that her colleagues could look up to.

“Some days are tougher than others, but here I am four years later and still going strong on the Service Coordination team,” says Jessica. “I am happy that I took the chance and applied for the position.”

An Empathetic Approach to Care Coordination

As a Service Coordinator, Jessica plays a vital role in ensuring that clients receive excellent care tailored to their individual needs. Her responsibilities include scheduling visits from Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Homemakers, collaborating closely with families to align services to their requests, and addressing any concerns that may arise in a timely and compassionate manner.

“It takes a lot of patience, persistence and empathy to attend to individual needs on an everyday basis,” says Jessica. “Sometimes, you have to place visits right on the spot. So knowing which PSW or Homemaker is available during which time is key. And having such a great team of PSWs and Homemakers really helps make my job easier, because I know I can rely on them.”

With patience, persistence, and empathy, Jessica attends to individual needs every day, going the extra mile to arrange visits and pair clients with PSWs who make them feel comfortable and supported. Her organizational skills, combined with her caring nature, ensure that clients maintain their independence and overall well-being within the comfort of their homes.

How Jessica’s Support Makes a Profound Difference

Jessica’s dedication has not gone unnoticed. Terri B., a fellow Service Coordinator, praises Jessica’s exceptional support and commitment.

“Jessica is a fantastic support with the Service Coordination team,” says Terri. “She shows her dedication to her clients, and prioritizes the safety of her workers.”

Jessica’s spirits soar every time her clients express their genuine appreciation and joy. Their heartfelt words brighten her days and fuel her passion for making a positive impact on their lives.

“It’s so rewarding to hear my clients say they are happy with their schedules,” says Jessica. “Their positivity and gratitude really makes my day.”

Her compassionate leadership and willingness to go above and beyond have left a lasting impact on countless clients and their families. Even during life’s most challenging moments, Jessica remains a pillar of support for her clients. One client’s daughter shared her deep gratitude for Jessica’s unwavering assistance during her parent’s end-of-life struggles.

“Jessica has been there for us every step of the way,” shared the client’s daughter. “She found the best PSWs to fit my parent’s needs. Jessica’s patience, understanding and care for our situation is what’s making things easier to manage through these difficult times. I can’t thank Jessica enough for always accommodating our times and requests.”

Recognized for her Collaboration

In June 2023, Jessica received the Award for Collaboration in recognition of her collaborative spirit, understanding, exceptional communication skills, and eagerness to learn. Both colleagues and clients nominated her, acknowledging the invaluable contributions she brings to the organization.

When asked about her award, Jessica expressed her happiness and surprise.

“I definitely was not expecting to win this award,” she admits. “But it feels good to be appreciated for all the hard work that I do.”

From her roots as a passionate Personal Support Worker to becoming an exceptional Client Services Coordinator, Jessica’s commitment to making a positive impact on others’ lives remains unwavering. Her empathetic approach to care coordination and genuine concern for her clients have left an indelible mark, inspiring both colleagues and clients alike. Jessica’s recognition serves as a testament to her invaluable contributions to the organization, and her ongoing commitment to helping others continues to uplift those she interacts with on a daily basis.