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Elena B., a Homemaker, is the recipient of the 2020-2021 Award for Equity – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Making Memorable Connections While Homemaking

Elena B. always knew she wanted a career helping others.

Her career initially took its form in a highly analytical, numbers-heavy job. In her native country, she supported the finances of a corporation as an accountant. When Elena made the decision to immigrate to Canada, she pivoted her skills to a role that supported older adults in their homes. 

“Providing my clients with emotional support and physical assistance with their everyday living is something I look forward to and is very fulfilling,” says Elena.

Elena joined Circle of Care as a Homemaker in 2019. In her role, she supports clients with housekeeping activities. Her duties include vacuuming, laundry, wiping down counters, and light meal prep. Her support ensures clients feel at home in a clean and safe environment.

Beyond completing a list of tasks for her clients, Elena strives to build an emotional bond with them, and develop deep, trusting connections. 

“I love my clients because they’re like family to me,” says Elena. “I like to take care of my clients, listen to their worries and joys, as well as listen to their stories. Their stories inspire me every day.”

Connecting to Clients & Their Past

For Elena, the art of active listening is the most important asset of a great Homemaker, and a vital skill that she can provide for her clients while in their homes. 

“It’s very important to listen to my clients’ stories. This can help me identify how to emotionally support them by connecting with them through their memories and their past,” says Elena. 

At Circle of Care, we have many clients who are Holocaust Survivors, and require special understanding, knowledge, and sensitivity. For Elena, these clients are very important to her, and she deeply respects the insight and wisdom that they share with her. 

“My Holocaust Survivor clients are part of a generation that has experienced events that many of us alive today have never experienced, and hopefully will never face,” says Elena. “They are a living part of history. Though their experiences are tragic, it’s always important to remember such events, and I am honoured by their trust in sharing even small memories of their lives with me.”

As a Homemaker, being emotionally available to clients on top of the general duties of the role can be challenging at times. But, for Elena, she always makes a great effort to be respectful, kind, and patient towards her clients. 

“In the most difficult times, Elena has always been there for my mother,” says the daughter of one of Elena’s clients. “Even in times when my mother was moody and would say harsh things, Elena never lost her patience but instead, showed more kindness and understanding.”

Celebrated for her equity

In June 2021, Elena received the Champions of Care Award for Equity. This award is given to someone who ensures an inclusive and respectful environment for all that seek care. 

“I love my job so much,” says Elena. “I love spending time with my clients. They help me every day and I look forward to helping them.”