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Edie W., Client Support Representative is the recipient of the 2022-2023 Award for Equity– one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

The Voice of Care

Meet Edie, who has been working in the pivotal role of Client Support Representative (CSR) since 2014. Edie stands as a vital link within the organization, ensuring effective and compassionate communication between clients, their families, and staff. She skillfully manages incoming calls, inquiries, and emergency situations, demonstrating quick thinking and empathy in each interaction.

Edie’s proficiency in Yiddish has also proven to be a particularly beneficial asset, as Circle of Care provides support to many Jewish older adults. Edie is able to provide heartfelt assistance to our Holocaust Survivor clients, and other Jewish clients, who are deeply appreciative of being able to speak with us in their native language.

Compassionate Support in Action: Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Edie’s dedication to her role transcends the ordinary, as she exemplifies selflessness in her actions. A heartwarming example of this occurred when a distressed Personal Support Worker (PSW) experienced an unfortunate encounter with a skunk while en route to visit a client. The PSW was very upset and did not know what to do as her coat was covered with the smell. Edie stepped in to support her colleague, offering not just words of comfort but also providing her with a warm coat to continue her work.

“I told the PSW to go home, shower and throw away her coat. I gave her my address and to meet me downstairs of my condo as she was in the area,” recalls Edie. “I gave her a warm coat so she could continue working. The PSW was very thankful and I was happy I could help.”

This act of kindness is just one of many instances where Edie’s compassionate nature shines.

Her colleagues and supervisors speak highly of her exemplary customer service, recognizing her as a reliable and proactive team player who consistently goes above and beyond to support her coworkers.

“In thinking of an employee who consistently brings exceptional customer care and who takes pride in helping our clients and PSWs, Edie comes to mind,” says Sheonne, Edie’s supervisor. “She is our most experienced CSR and she takes the initiative to support her team whenever possible. She always offers to work extra time and will never leave her teammate stranded. So many times when we were shorthanded she rose to the occasion and supported her team.”

Edie’s Enduring Influence: Lauded For Exceptional Support

Beyond her immediate team, Edie’s impact extends to clients and PSWs alike, who praise her approachable demeanour and steadfast dedication to promptly resolving any issues that arise. She is admired for her friendly and supportive nature.

“I love it when Edie answers the phone, as she is extremely helpful and always manages to get our issues resolved,” says a client’s daughter. “I felt that she really cared and she was so pleasant.”

For Edie, knowing that her work has made a tangible difference fills her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

“A meaningful day for me at work is when I hear positive comments and know that I have helped someone,” she says.

Edie’s Outstanding Contributions Earn Her Award for Equity

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Edie was honoured with the Award for Equity in June 2023. This award celebrates individuals who foster an inclusive and respectful culture for all those who seek care. Edie’s dedication to upholding the rights and needs of people and communities served by Circle of Care exemplifies our organization’s core values.

“I am honoured to be recognized for my hard work,” says Edie.

As she accepts this well-deserved recognition, she remains committed to continuing her compassionate and impactful work, ensuring that Circle of Care continues to be there for those who need us.