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Courageous Caregiver: Anna’s Journey

Caring for her husband Enzo after he developed Alzheimer’s disease has always been a top priority for Anna. 

As Enzo’s primary caregiver, Anna makes sure his medications and meals are scheduled and provided on time, and takes an active role in seeking out education and information about caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. She’s learned about the symptoms and progression of her husband’s illness, as well as how she can better communicate with him and understand his needs.

Anna has consistently put her husband first, despite working through her own health issues. Recently, Anna recovered from lung cancer, as well as a broken arm after a fall. She didn’t let these setbacks stop her from her caregiving role, although it made her more open to receiving support for herself. 

While Enzo has been receiving specialized care and programming through our Adult Day Program for a while now, Anna joined the Caregiver Club in December 2020, and her time in the program has given her new tools and resources for caregiving.

“I assisted Anna with exploring assisted living and retirement residence options,” says Faith Robinson, Caregiver Navigator for the Caregiver Club. “Having these resources at her disposal will allow Anna to better plan for her and Enzo’s future.”

Faith also connected Anna with information and resources from the Toronto Alzheimer Society and other community support resources for caregivers. By leaning on these connections, Anna can continue to support her husband in the best way possible.

Anna has also been able to take some much deserved time for herself through participating in Caregiver Club social events, including Bingo. She has attended our drop-in Caregiver Support group, and connected with fellow family caregivers in this way. 

Her daughter Andrea nominated Anna as a ‘Courageous Caregiver’, and we are proud to highlight her this month. 

“I’m grateful for the immense support that my mother provides to my father as his sole caregiver,” says Andrea. “She puts his needs ahead of her own, and makes it a priority to ensure his needs are met.”