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Image of Spotlight Award Light

Circle of Care’s Spotlight Awards were created to highlight and celebrate the work of our employees. During the month of November, we collected nominations for these awards from Circle of Care supervisors and management, and the Senior Management team voted on the winners. We are pleased to announce the following winners, listed below.

Eileen Morgan Award for Customer Service

About the Award

Eileen Morgan began her career at Circle of Care in 1984 as a Home Service Worker.  She excelled in her role by being patient, understanding and a good listener. Eileen always focused on customer service and going above and beyond the call of duty. When Eileen passed away in 2009, Circle of Care decided to honour her memory by creating an award that exemplifies customer service.

The Eileen Morgan Award is presented to a non-union staff member who exemplifies customer service. This award supports our values of exceptional client-centered care, excellence, accountability, collaboration, equity and innovation.

Our 2022 Winner

Profile of Kai S., Health, Safety, and Wellness Specialist

Kai S., Health, Safety, and Wellness Specialist

Kai S. was nominated for the Eileen Morgan Award for Customer Service because she embodies the spirit and passion that Eileen has for going above and beyond in her role at Circle of Care. Since she has started in her role almost 4 years ago, she has ensured that our employees feel supported, have the resources they need to succeed and continues on a daily basis to create and champion a healthy, safe and responsive environment.

Kai has been a huge support with the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 2+ years and has quickly adapted to the ever-changing scope of her role. She is constantly communicating with workers to ensure that they understand our leave of absence, sick time and return to work processes. Her organization, case management, and attention to detail is impeccable. She takes the time to speak with workers, listens and supports them through a stressful and unprecedented period in their lives.

Not only does she continuously demonstrate Circle of Care values, she displays exceptional customer service in her role as a Health, Safety and Wellness Specialist every single day.

“I am inspired by Kai’s passion, energy and compassion for others every day- she is an exemplary employee that strives to do exceptional work in every aspect of her role,” says Karman, Human Resources Director.

Yvonne Greaves Award for PSW Leadership

About the Award

Yvonne worked for Circle of Care for 37 years as a beloved PSW. She was adored and respected by her clients and her peers, serving as Chief Union Steward and a member of our Joint Health and Safety Committee. She held high standards for care and compassion, serving as a role model for a generation of PSWs. Being a proud PSW was a core part of Yvonne’s identity. Yvonne once said “People think PSWs are just men and women that go in and do a little bit of chores. It isn’t so, especially with more complex care patients coming into the community. We feed them, change them, make sure they are comfortable, remind them of their medications. I love people. I’m really, truly a people person. I go in professionally with a kind heart, ready to serve, even if it’s for one day.”

The Yvonne Greaves Award is given to a Personal Support Worker who displays leadership in their role. They are someone that their peers can look up to as a role model. They are willing to contribute to the success of the organization by going above and beyond, which could include being an excellent union steward, or a fantastic contributing member to a committee or project. No matter what they do, this person is always willing to go the extra mile at work.

Our 2022 Winner

Profile of Sara L., Personal Support Worker

Sara L., Personal Support Worker

Sara L. has been with Circle of Care for over twenty years. To say she goes above and beyond for her clients is an understatement. Sara has displayed exceptional skills with complex client care and consistently strives for positive outcomes.

Sara is also a strong advocate for her clients needs; she has strong assessment skills and knows when to involve her supervisor to better support her clients to live safely in their home. Her approach is extremely client-centred. Sara continues to receive compliments from all her clients.

“Sara was asked to provide coaching support to one of our new hires on the team. She welcomed the new hire, provided support and kept in touch with the new PSW ongoing- this resulted in a positive outcome for both the PSW and Team and not to mention the new PSW felt extremely supported,” said Muna, Client Services Supervisor.

Circle of Care Award for Home Care Excellence

About the Award

Circle of Care PSWs and Homemakers play an important role in allowing our clients to remain happy and independent at home. Beyond just their list of duties, these employees provide companionship, a listening ear, and dependable stability to many of our clients.

The Circle of Care Award for Home Care Excellence is given to a PSW/Homemaker who displays commitment and dedication to their role assisting clients in their homes. They are excellent at their job, considerate and compassionate towards clients, and are a role model that other PSWs/Homemakers can look up to.

Our 2022 Winner

Profile of Mary Anne, Personal Support Worker

Mary Anne, Personal Support Worker

Mary Anne R. is a dedicated PSW that has been with Circle of Care for 10 years. She takes pride in her work and finds joy in helping our clients live safely in their homes.

She is hardworking and does not shy away from being there for her client. Mary Anne also lends a helping hand to her Service Coordinator when the caseload is in dire need of help. She does this because she knows clients are counting on us for support and jumps in to visit these clients.

During the January 17 2022 snow storm, Mary Anne was one of the few PSWs that rolled up her sleeves and attempted to visit the high care need clients. She was able to see four clients that day- this is only one of many examples of her dedication to her profession and clients.

“Mary Anne was called an angel by one of her clients,” says Muna, Client Services Supervisor. “This client looks forwards to Mary Anne’s visits and appreciates her dedication and hard work towards helping her live a supported life in her home.”