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These three staff members are recipients of the 2021-2022 Award for Collaboration – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Collaborating to Ensure Comfort in a New Home

Elinor has been a Social Worker with Circle of Care for six years. In her role, she supports her clients by advocating for support while the clients are living at home. In this way, she ensures their needs are met, and the supports are there for her clients physically as well as emotionally.

“A meaningful day at work for me is a day that my clients accomplish their goals with success,” says Elinor. “It’s a day that ends with a feeling that says ‘today, I accomplished a lot, I made a difference in at least one person’s life.’”

Recently, Elinor provided help to not only a client, but to their dog as well. This client was ready to move to a Long Term Care Home, but she was hesitant due to her worries about her dog, Bella.

“This client’s dog was always there with her, she was a true companion,” says Elinor. “The client didn’t want to leave her home because she was worried about what would happen to Bella, and whether she may be put down. I promised her that I would do my best to ensure her dog was safe and would find a loving home.”

Elinor connected with the Humane Society, and they agreed to take Bella and find her a new home. Elinor reached out to her fellow Social Work colleagues at Circle of Care to assist. Shayna, who has worked with Circle of Care as a Social Worker for one year, immediately jumped in to help after hearing about the situation.

“When the request for transportation assistance with the dog came in, it seemed like a no brainer,” says Shayna. “I had the ability and the willingness to assist, so of course I set up my car and drove Bella over to the Humane Society – making sure she was comfortable.”

Bella’s Transition

When Shayna arrived to the client’s home, she collected all of Bella’s toys, treats, and blankets to put in her back seat for a more comfortable ride to the Humane Society.

“The safe transport of Bella gave the client reassurance that her beloved dog was going to be provided for and taken care of,” says Shayna. “Given the fact that the client was going to live in a new home without her, it was very important to make the transition as healthy and supportive as possible.”

Once Shayna arrived at the Humane Society, Bella was visibly curious of her new surroundings and greeted the Humane Society attendant. Shayna handed over Bella’s paperwork and Bella was escorted into the building.

Shayna was eager for updates on Bella, so she went onto the Humane Society’s website and checked every day for any new information.

“I knew the client would be worried about Bella, so I constantly checked for updates to see what Bella’s status was. Bella’s picture went online as eligible, then ‘on hold’ quickly after, then soon, the picture was completely gone!” says Shayna.

“Knowing that Bella was safe and was adopted into a new home provided comfort to the client and decreased some of her overall anxiety about the many changes taking place in her life,” says Elinor.

Once Bella had been transported, Elinor’s client was able to continue with her own move. She was supported during that process by Elinor, as well as Tara, Client Service Supervisor. Elinor and Tara connected with other professionals from different organizations to ensure the smooth transition for the client to Long Term Care. By working together, they were able to keep the process as easy as possible for the client, during a time that was incredibly difficult for her.

“I am always inspired by the people at Circle of Care,” says Tara. “They always make time for each other and support one another however they can. There is truly a very supportive teamwork and collaborative atmosphere here.”

Celebrated for Collaboration

In June 2022, Elinor, Shayna, and Tara were presented with Circle of Care’s Champions of Care Award for Collaboration. This award is given to a employees who work with others in a collaborative way, who are also understanding, great communicators, and always willing to learn.

Our Champions of Care program is designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day duties, and who exemplify Circle of Care’s values. Nominations are collected each year from April 1 to March 31, and winners are announced each June. We welcome nominations by Circle of Care clients and family members on behalf of staff members that you interact with. If you would like to nominate a Circle of Care employee for an award, please fill out our nomination form: https://www.circleofcare.com/champions-of-care-nomination-form/