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image of ADP staff at the 10th anniversary gala

Circle of Care ADP program staff play an integral role in providing programming and support to the clients that attend the program, as well as their families.

Circle of Care’s Adult Day Program Celebrates 10 Years

On March 4, Circle of Care celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Adult Day Program with a gala held at The Avenue Banquet Hall. The event highlighted the important impact that the Adult Day Program has had and continues to have on the clients who attend the program.

Clients and their caregivers shared an afternoon of delicious food and wonderful entertainment as the whole Adult Day Program community came together to celebrate in the success of the program’s past 10 years.

Caregivers were able to experience part of the arts programming that their loved ones partake in at the ADP. Opera singer Dallas Chorley and tango dancers Roxana and Fabian Belmonte performed for our gala’s attendees. Marion Ross closed out the afternoon with some energetic singing that had everyone up and on the dance floor.

We would like to thank our corporate sponsors for their support of our gala: Elizabeth Grant, David Mercy from Jim Peplinski Leasing, and Four Elms Retirement. We greatly appreciate their generosity.

A Look Back on the ADP’s 10 Years

Ten years ago, on November 30th, 2009, Circle of Care officially opened what was then known as the Day Center for Seniors. In collaboration with Baycrest, the Alzheimer’s Society of York Region, REENA, and JIAS, the Centre initially had between 2 to 4 clients who attended the program each day.

Today, the program hosts anywhere between 20 to 35 clients each day, and Circle of Care continues to serve the growing number and needs of our clients and caregivers.

In 2018, we were excited to expand our program hours to include Tuesday evenings and weekends, allowing caregivers additional flexibility in their schedule.

“Circle of Care is a blessing for people like my mom. When she was first diagnosed with dementia, she would spend her days just sitting in her room, looking out the window or at the wall,” says one of our ADP caregivers. “Now she goes to the Adult Day Program every day for mental and physical stimulation, companionship and nutritious meals. If it wasn’t for her ‘club’, she would have been in a long-term care facility years ago.”

image of ADP gala from March 2020
image of ADP gala from March 2020
image of ADP gala from March 2020
Image of ADP gala from March 2020
image of ADP gala from March 2020
image of ADP gala in March 2020