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The Program Will Help Reduce Pressures on Hospitals and Long-Term Care as well as Caregivers

Vaughan, Ontario – Circle of Care, a leading not-for-profit home and community care provider in the GTA and part of the Sinai Health network of integrated healthcare services, is thrilled to open the doors of our new Adult Day Program for adults living with dementia at 9600 Bathurst St., in Vaughan, Ontario.

“This will be one of the largest, finest-equipped Adult Day Programs in Ontario, based on a model and philosophy that seeks to change the landscape of dementia care in Ontario and Canada,” said Carey Lucki, CEO of Circle of Care. “We are focused on creating a shift in how our society views people with dementia by intentionally building a culture of re-engagement and re-enablement into the Adult Day Program, meeting our clients wherever they are on their dementia journey and helping them live as fully as possible for as long as possible.”

With over 7,000 square feet, green outdoor spaces, gourmet kitchen, spa services, and innovative programming that includes therapeutic games and activities such as tai chi, meditation, baking, and gardening, Circle of Care’s expanded Adult Day Program provides more people living with dementia with opportunities to interact in a stimulating and therapeutic environment.

“Dementia impacts people from all walks of life,” said Daisy Wai, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “The opening of the Circle of Care Adult Day Program will be a great resource for adults living with dementia and will help them access to the kind of care that empowers them to lead their lives to the fullest.”

As our population ages, the number of Canadians living with dementia is expected to rise significantly in the coming years, as is the number of their caregivers. Programs such as Circle of Care’s Adult Day Program will be vital in helping to maintain clients’ cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing, provide caregivers with much needed respite, and reduce pressures on our hospitals and long-term care system.

Circle of Care is also committed to exploring innovative partnerships that will help us unlock the benefits of latest technologies for dementia care, such as the use of virtual reality therapy and interactive projection gaming experiences.

At this time, Circle of Care is only accepting clients eligible through Home and Community Care Support Services or our Holocaust Survivor Services program. Please contact 905-738- 1128 for more information around eligibility.

In spring of 2023, we will also be expanding our clients’ eligibility, including opening spots for private pay clients to attend our Adult Day Program. Stay tuned for more details.

Quick Facts

  • In 2020, it was estimated that there were almost 600,000 people in Canada living with dementia, with numbers set to significantly increase due to the aging population. By 2050, 1.7 million Canadians are expected to be living with dementia, with 685 individuals diagnosed each day.
  • In 2020, there were 350,000 care partners for people with dementia, providing an average of 26 hours or care per week, equivalent to 235,000 full-time jobs and more than $7.5 billion dollars in wages. By 2050, more than 1 million Canadians are expected to serve as care partners to people with dementia.
  • Being physically and socially active and challenging one’s brain with games, reading, and hobbies can improve health and reduce the impact of dementia.
  • Studies show that most older adults in Canada want to maintain their independence in their communities for as long as possible.

Media Contact:

Tanya Pikula,
Director of Communications,
Circle of Care,