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Circle of Care in the News: The Pandemic Casts a Long Shadow on Food Security


Circle of Care was featured in an Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) article highlighting our Meals on Wheels programs, and the struggles that these programs face across the province. Both Josi Sarne, Community Engagement & Growth Director, and Lisa Rae, Volunteers, Intake and MOW Services Director, were interviewed to share their thoughts on this topic. Meals on Wheels volunteers also provided insights on the importance of the program.

“It’s not just the food and the nutrition that [seniors are] getting,” says Lisa. “It’s that safety check. That’s very important for a lot of our seniors. And unfortunately, our volunteers have found clients on the floor periodically, throughout the year, where EMS has had to be called, or a relative has had to be called to come and attend to them.”

Read the full article at ocsa.on.ca.