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Circle of Care Helps Clients Build Strength to Reduce Falls

November is Falls Prevention Month, an opportunity to educate older adults and caregivers about steps they can take in their daily lives to improve safety. Among them, regular exercise to improve strength, flexibility, and balance, has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of falling.

While the benefits of exercise are easy to convey, many seniors face barriers when it comes to getting to and from programs in the community. That’s why Circle of Care offers more than 150 free, convenient and accessible exercise and falls prevention classes at various retirement residences, condominiums, and recreation centres across the community.

“Very few of us are able to simply pop out to a gym on our own,” says Diana, a Circle of Care client. “And even if we could, most of us would lack the motivation to travel far distances. Having the program here, where we live, is a unique and beneficial feature.”

Circle of Care’s Falls Prevention program was developed to help reduce falls and falls-related complications in older adults; identify and promote evidence based activities and programming; increase mobility and function in older adults; and to help older adults maintain a regular healthy lifestyle.

Each Falls Prevention program runs for 12 weeks, with two hourly sessions each week. The program begins with an initial assessment by an Occupational Therapist, and ends with a final assessment during week 12. Each week, clients are presented with education and exercises designed to prevent falls.

“From week one to week 12, I notice a drastic change in the strength and flexibility for our clients,” says Occupational Therapist, Shawn Lee. “During this time, there’s also a major boost in confidence and energy in the class – it’s so great to see.”

The biweekly classes also give seniors the ability to socialize with peers and combat loneliness, which benefits their overall wellbeing.

“I love the social aspect of the classes,” says Phyllis, another Circle of Care client. “The program gets me out of my home on a regular basis and offers an easy and natural way to interact more meaningfully with my neighbours. And the instructors are well trained and create a friendly and relaxed environment that encourages continued participation.”

For client registration or questions related to Circle of Care’s Fall Prevention and Group Exercise programs, please call 905-303-5838 ext. 3156.

Infographic describing falls in seniors across Canada