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Celebrating Our 2022-2023 Champions of Care Winners

Circle of Care is thrilled to celebrate the nominees and winners of our employee recognition program – Champions of Care – for 2022-2023.

This recognition program was launched in February 2018 with the intent of highlighting the big and little ways our employees go the extra mile – whether for a client, a family member, a colleague, or a health care partner.

Over the past fiscal year, we have received more than 200 nominations for employees who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day duties to ensure our clients and caregivers receive high-quality care. Among those nominations, there were a handful of people that stood out by the way the examples align with our organization’s values. 

Here are our 2022-23 Champions of Care award winners:

Award for Person-Centred Care

This award is given to a person who exemplifies person-centred care by planning and delivering care by approaching each individual as a whole person with unique needs. They provide exceptional care and service in a safe and compassionate environment,  in the community and home.

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Person-Centred Care. The two winners are Odeth C., Personal Support Worker and Charlotte K., Hospice Case Manager.

Odeth was nominated by a family member of a client who highlighted her positive attitude and impact she made in their life.

“Odeth comes to our home every day with a smile on her face, even during these turbulent times. She exudes such positivity and great energy and has the outmost respect for her work. So many of the little things she does go such a long way and it is important that you know this. You also need to know that she never complains, she always comes to work ready and willingly. She is the very definition of a PSW.

I truly hope Odeth realizes what an incredible human being she is and what an impact she has on the people she takes care of. She plays such an important part of our lives and please know that she is truly loved and adored by my entire family.”

Charlotte was nominated by multiple clients who highlighted her compassion and impact she had on their lives.

“Charlotte has kept me grounded through every major life event and helped me be kind to myself as I’ve juggled work, school, parenting, and caring for a critically ill husband. Thank you Charlotte for being that objective, non-judgmental voice of reason and for providing a safe space when I went close to the edge and had to take a leave of absence from work.

When my husband entered a dark place, and when things didn’t go quite well with the hospital’s program, Charlotte stepped in and something wonderful happened. I have never seen him open up to anyone as he has to her and he absolutely loves the chats he has with her. Charlotte held him up in some of his lowest moments. She held us up. She showed me how to love and care for me, and why the things I do matter – she helped me to raise my head above water and, in turn, care for my family. Thank you Charlotte for making living in our not-so-normal world a little easier.”

Award for Excellence

This award is given to a person who is relentlessly advancing the quality of care within our organization and beyond through evidence-based decision-making. They recognize and celebrate the contributions of everyone within our community of care.

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Excellence. The two winners are Margaux D., Personal Support Worker and Josie M., Service Coordinator.

Margaux was nominated by numerous clients and client families. They highlighted her kindness and excellent care.

“From day one, Margaux showed love and concern for my mom. She kept in contact with us after each visit to let us know Mom was ok. Margaux would have chats with my mom and she treated her with dignity, even though Mom’s dementia didn’t allow her to converse very well.

It was a comfort to know that someone not related to us could take such good care of our mom, the way she would her own grandmother. Margaux exemplifies dedication and commitment to her job. In a world so often filled with selfishness, it is so refreshing to see kindness, caring, concern and dedication to one’s job.”

Josie was nominated by numerous people who highlighted her excellent care towards Circle of Care’s clients.

“Josie is very good at providing personalized care to our clients and family members. Also, when I let her know that a situation needs to be handled with care, I can trust that will happen.

I always know when Josie is working that we are in good hands and the clients and families all speak very highly of her. They always tell me they are very grateful for her help. She is always patient and kind and tries to rearrange things to work for everyone even when it’s difficult.”

Award for Accountability

This award is given to a person who is accountable to our clients and families who trust us with their health and a better quality of life and to the public, our funders and donors who trust us with resources to enable our mission. They have earned that trust every day and meet their responsibility with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Accountability. The two winners are Natalia S., Personal Support Worker and Joan G., Payroll Administrator.

Natalia was nominated by her supervisor for being a supportive team-player.

“I was dealing with an extremely stressful situation on the weekend while being on call. The situation required a PSW urgently for an overnight shift. I called several PSWs at 2 am, and naturally – being so late in night – no one answered.

I called Natalia at 2:30 am and she picked up. I explained the situation. She graciously accepted to assist and took the overnight shift. She was so polite and willing to help, I was in awe by her dedication to the organization and her clients. Natalia was at the site in 20 minutes, and she reassured me by saying ‘I am here, no problem.'”

Joan was nominated by Circle of Care staff who highlighted her support and patience.

“I am so lucky to meet Joan and work with her everyday. I am so grateful and am indebted to her for her unwavering support and I just want to say “thank you” for all her assistance, helping me to grasp and understand Circle of Care procedures. Joan is one in a million with her infectious laugh, positive energy and she’s always thinking about others.”

Award for Collaboration

This award is given to a person who works together with others to provide a seamless system of care. They listen with understanding, communicate openly and learn from each other. They seek and embrace meaningful partnerships that contribute to achieving our vision.

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Collaboration. The two winners are Evelyn Q., Personal Support Worker and Jessica C., Client Services Coordinator.

Evelyn and was nominated by staff who emphasized her amazing support.

“Thank you to Evelyn for helping me out with an On Call situation. I received a call after hours regarding a client inquiring about the whereabouts of his PSW. The team of PSWs at this retirement home are tight knit, and as I was unable to get in touch with the assigned PSW, I called Evelyn to assist me in locating her team member.

She was able to confirm that her teammate was with the client, assisting him. Thank you to Evelyn for always being so willing to help!”

Jessica was nominated by numerous people who highlighted her compassion and support.

“I have never met anyone who has the kind of patience and caring attitude like Jessica has. While dealing with life’s major struggles, it is very important that there’s support to help you through these ever changing circumstances.

Jessica’s patience, understanding and care for our situation is what’s making things easier to manage through these difficult times. I can’t thank Jessica enough for always accommodating our times and requests for particular PSWs, and always being professional. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Jessica for the last 4 years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Jessica and this wonderful organization.”

Award for Equity

This award is given to a person who ensures an inclusive and respectful culture for all those who seek care. They honour our organization’s legacy by consistently upholding the rights and needs of the people and communities we serve.

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Equity. The two winners are Beverley N., Personal Support Worker and Edie W., Client Support Representative.

Beverley was nominated by a couple of people who highlighted her compassionate care and devotion to Circle of Care.

“I have had the pleasure of observing Beverley’s interactions with her clients, and it is evident that she has a deep understanding of their needs and is able to provide them with the support and encouragement they need to navigate the challenges they face. Her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level is truly remarkable, and it is clear that she has a genuine interest in their well-being.”

Edie was nominated numerous times by different people who highlighted her exceptional client care.

“When thinking of an employee who consistently brings exceptional customer care and who takes pride in helping our clients and PSWs, Edie comes to mind. So many times when we were short handed she rose to the occasion and supported her team. Edie advocates for our clients and their well being. As a result, I always receive praise and appreciation for her service from both our clients and PSWs who express to me how her hard work, dedication and care impact their lives.

I can recall one client who became very emotional when expressing her appreciation of Edie’s consistent customer service and even went as far to say that she is very happy when Edie answers the line because she knows that she cares and wants to help.

Another example was when Edie offered a very distraught PSW one of her coats because the PSW was sprayed by a skunk on her way to visit her client. It is selfless acts like this and so many others examples as to why I feel that Edie exemplifies what it means to work for Circle of Care.”

Award for Innovation

This award is given to a person who is driven to find better solutions in everything they do. Through discovery, creativity and courage they challenge conventional thinking to gain knowledge and understanding that results in new approaches to care.

The Award for Innovation goes to Harpreet K., Payroll Assistant.

Harpreet was nominated multiple times for her excellent organizational and innovative skills.

“Thank you to Harpreet for exploring the auto set up of the creation of Folders for 2023 Payroll Dayforce. Her ability to be agile and responsive to requests are appreciated.”

Champion of the Year Award

This award is given to a person who demonstrates qualities of collaboration, innovation, person-centered care, equity, excellence, and accountability in their work.

The Champion of the Year Award goes to Emma V, Quality Manager.

Emma was nominated by many people across the organization. She was nominated by 10 different people for 5 different awards: Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, Equity, and Innovation. Here are a few of her nominations:

“Emma did an incredible job on her contributions in preparing the organization for Accreditation. Her presentations and practice sessions helped to ensure that staff were knowledgeable and had a sense of the types of questions that the surveyors may ask.”

“Emma’s outstanding presentation style deserves recognition! She has exceptional articulation, a calm, pleasant disposition and presents information with ease and confidence! Her planning and preparation skills are evident in the presentation slide deck, discussion points and relevant Circle of Care examples/stats.”