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Celebrating Our 2021-2022 Champions of Care Winners

Circle of Care is thrilled to celebrate the nominees and winners of our employee recognition program – Champions of Care – for 2021-2022. 

This recognition program was launched in February 2018 with the intent of highlighting the big and little ways our employees go the extra mile – whether for a client, a family member, a colleague, or a health care partner.

Over the past fiscal year, we have received more than 90 nominations for employees who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day duties to ensure our clients and caregivers receive high-quality care. Among those nominations, there were a handful of people that stood out by the way the examples align with our organization’s values. 

Here are our 2021-22 Champions of Care award winners:

Award for Accountability

The Award for Accountability goes to Maria V., Social Worker – Care Navigator. Maria is often recognized for her hard work, passion, and teamwork. This year, Maria was nominated by a Senior Manager at Sinai Health to recognize her assistance with a Bridgepoint patient, who was almost sent to the emergency department for admission.

“It is a very long story but we problem solved together, and had a lot of back and forth. Maria was able to bring the patient some food as well as facilitate this patient’s signing of his application. In the end, we were able to get him a bed at Hillcrest RIU (Reintegration Unit) with a stopover at the Mount Sinai emergency department to get his COVID swab. Maria is a fantastic team member, a problem solver and advocate. It was a pleasure to work with her to support this patient.”

Award for Innovation

The Award for Innovation goes to Alicia P., Service Coordinator Supervisor. Alicia is recognized for using her creativity to help lead positive change in the organization. Here’s what her colleagues Lynda and Marissa had to say:

“We would like to thank and acknowledge Alicia on her leadership, engagement and results achievement as a Pilot Coordinator on the PSW Bidding Innovation Proof of Concept. She has been consistently willing to make the necessary adjustments and has invested herself in achieving positive results for her PSW team and her entire Coordinator caseload. Alicia has been exemplary in using the Bidding feature, interfacing with PSWs and bringing excellent recommendations on improvements for the solution and PSW adoption. We are now in a place to develop a Rollout and Change Management Strategy based on these findings. Great work Alicia”

Award for Collaboration

This year, there are three recipients of the Award for Collaboration. The three winners are Elinor G., Social Worker, Shayna P., Social Worker – Care Navigator, and Tara S., Client Services Supervisor.

These three individuals went above and beyond by collaborating with one another to ensure a client’s transition to a Long Term Care was seamless and worry-free. This included helping the client find their dog a new home.

Elinor had a client with a complex case. As the client was ready to move to a Long Term Care home, they were hesitant – worrying about their dog. Elinor reached out to her team and asked for help in this situation, where Shayna then volunteered to transport the dog.

As Shayna was taking care of the dog and ensuring its safe travels, Elinor was ensuring a safe and smooth transition for the client to the Long Term Care home with the help of Tara. The two individuals worked together by connecting with other professionals from different organizations, while also accompanying the client to their new home and being there for them emotionally by ensuring the client was welcomed by everyone.

A client had a dog that needed to be taken care of prior to the move to a Long Term Care home. Knowing that the dog meant a lot to the client, Shayna volunteered to pick the dog up from the client’s home and bring the dog to the Humane Society. She went above and beyond and made sure that the dog was safe and comfortable during transport by placing down pillows and blankets in the backseat, while also collecting the dog’s pillow and some treats.

Shayna patiently waited as the client said their goodbyes to their dog, and made her way to the Humane Society afterward. She filled out all the necessary documents and watched as the Humane Society attendant escorted the dog into the building.

After dropping off the client’s dog, Shayna often checked the Humane Society’s website for the dog’s status. As soon as their image appeared on the Humane Society’s Website, it was soon taken down for adoption! Shayna then notified her team.

Tara supported Elinor and Shayna by connecting with other professionals from different organizations, while also accompanying the client to their new home and being there for them emotionally by ensuring the client was welcomed by everyone.

Award for Equity

The Award for Equity goes to Salomon G., iRide Driver. Salomon is recognized by a few of our clients for often going above and beyond the call of duty. Here’s what one of the clients had to say:

“Salomon helped me a lot with my walker, carried my walker up many stairs, helped me get in to the doctor’s office, while also asking the office secretary what time my appointment was to help me afterwards. He helped me out of the office; drove me back home and was so nice to me the entire time!”

Award for Excellence

The Award for Excellence goes to Sonia M., PSW. Sonia was nominated by her colleagues for going above and beyond to ensure all her clients needs were met. Here’s what her supervisor said:

“Sonia is a champion in both the health component and the care component of personal and practical aspects of support and care. She has the gift of compassion and patience as she works with clients who are often in poor mental and/or physical health.”

Award for Person-Centred Care

This year, we selected co-winners for the Award for Person-Centred Care. The two winners are Marie J., and Christine H., who are both Personal Support Workers.

Marie was nominated by several individuals including clients and their families for her passion and dedication to provide excellent care. Here’s what one client family member had to say:

“I’d like to say how we appreciate Marie, who is looking after my mom. She’s a hard worker, very dedicated, caring and responsible. We’re so lucky to have her; she looks after my mom the same way she would look after her own mother. Thank you for sending her to us.”

Christine is recognized for going above and beyond to ensure her clients needs are met. Here’s what her Supervisor had to say:

“Christine is professional and advocates for her clients needs. She has a sense of responsibility and reports any of the risk and safety events in a timely manner, to make sure the matters are addressed. Christine, thank you for being the eyes, the ears, the hands and the voice of one of the most frail and vulnerable sectors of our society.”

Champion of the Year Award

The Award for Innovation goes to Cynthia D., PSW. Cynthia is recognized for embodying all of Circle of Care values in her work each day. Here’s what her supervisor had to say:

“Cynthia has been with Circle of Care for over 15 years and has worked at Shepherd Village Retirement home for most of those years. Cynthia has been an informal leader for the group of PSWs at the home who appreciate her leadership qualities.

Most of the PSWs who have started with Circle of Care have been trained by Cynthia, who will share how she manages her time, ensuring all equipment is gathered before the work is started.

Cynthia has done laundry for clients who were desperate for clothes on the independent floor. She has offered to work weekends when staffing has been short during COVID-19. Cynthia not only goes out of her way for her own clients but will care for all the clients in the home. She notices if someone has their shirt on inside out and will fix it for them or do up buttons. She always stops to share a laugh with the clients and brings music in herself to play while caring for her clients.”