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Home care workers provide exceptional and much-needed care across every corner of Ontario. They stand by their clients and patients when they are needed the most, providing support and compassion that truly make a difference. To honour their dedication, Home Care Ontario recently recognized 40 outstanding nurses, Personal Support Workers (PSWs), therapists, and other home care professionals, who were nominated by clients, family members, coworkers, caregivers and employers, with ‘Home Care Hero’ awards.

Among the deserving winners are two exceptional individuals from Circle of Care: Adeela K., Director of Client Services, and Sonia MC., a devoted Personal Support Worker.

In her role as Director of Client Services, Adeela leads the Client Services team at Circle of Care, inspiring them to consistently deliver exceptional and seamless service and care experiences for both clients and caregivers.

“I’m truly happy and thankful for Circle of Care itself, for the support of the leadership team, and for the encouragement,” says Adeela. “We truly have an amazing team of professionals from PSWs and nurses, to Social Workers – and they equally deserve this award.”

Meanwhile, Sonia, a Personal Support Worker, passionately dedicates herself to assisting older adults with everyday tasks, including personal hygiene, grooming, household management, socialization, and emotional support.

“I feel happy and appreciate that I’m being recognized for everything I do,” says Sonia. “I view my clients like they’re like my family, because they give me their love and time – and I give them my love and time back. They are very special to me; they make me feel grateful and thankful to be a Personal Support Worker.”

Adeela and Sonia’s commitment and compassion not only enrich the lives of their clients but also inspire gratitude and recognition from those they serve. Congratulations to Adeela and Sonia for receiving such a prestigious award!