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Building Capacity for Community Care

Finding ways to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population is top of mind for virtually every healthcare organization right now, and will remain so for years to come. That’s why Circle of Care is focused on growing capacity beyond simply hiring personal support workers to fill the current demand for services.

“It’s inevitable that the future of healthcare will see an even greater shift to care in the community,” said Silvia Marabeti, VP, Human Resources and Volunteer Services. “That’s why we remain committed to growing awareness around the significant impact PSWs can make in the lives of older adults.”

This past year, Circle of Care has focused on a number of outreach initiatives in this area. A new PSW co-op program and scholarships at local colleges were launched with the goal of promoting the unique opportunities across the home and community care sector. Our preceptor program ensures new PSWs are supported while they learn the ropes. Quarterly education sessions allow all PSWs to continue growing their skills while connecting with their managers. And, strategic partnerships, such as a recent collaboration with the Central LHIN to create a learning module for frontline workers, reinforce our commitment to advancing the profession.