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Award-Winning Compassion: Charlotte’s Remarkable Impact on Hospice and Bereavement Care

Meet Charlotte, our incredibly humble and compassionate Hospice Case Manager. Her journey with Circle of Care began in 2017 as a hospice volunteer, driven by a profound desire to give back to her community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Charlotte, like all our hospice volunteers, underwent a comprehensive 30-hour specialized training prior to starting with us as a volunteer. This program equips our hospice volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to provide companionship, emotional support and practical assistance to our clients, during what is a very challenging time for clients and families.

After Charlotte started volunteering with us, her exceptional ideas of how to bring support to more clients caught the attention of Circle of Care’s Volunteer Program team, leading to her being offered a short-term contract. The impact of her contributions was undeniable, as the hospice and bereavement program experienced significant growth, and culminated in Charlotte’s permanent role.

Reflecting on her journey, Charlotte shares, “When they told me that they were looking to expand the program and were interested in my ideas, I was thrilled to get involved. Thankfully, my ideas were successful and the program grew from there.”

Moments of Hope and Transformation

In her position as a Hospice Case Manager, Charlotte takes on a diverse range of responsibilities, including facilitating bereavement support groups, training and matching hospice volunteers to clients, and leading a team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Additionally, she offers counselling to clients and their families. Despite the multitude of tasks, Charlotte finds immense satisfaction in her work.

“There are so many positive moments working in this position,” Charlotte says. “From collaborating with fellow staff members and mentoring students, seeing their ‘ah ha’ reactions to learning new concepts and skills, knowing that we are sending well trained professionals to support other agencies in the community, and witnessing the transformation in a client from despair to hope.”

Recognized for her extraordinary compassion and thoughtfulness, Charlotte has touched the lives of many clients who have participated in our hospice and bereavement programs.

One bereavement client expressed their gratitude, saying, “Several weeks ago, I felt broken. I was struggling with not only how to grieve my mother’s death, but also how to grieve the person that she was. I was troubled and lost. Then, I got a call from Charlotte. From our first conversation, I felt a sense of calm for the first time in many years. Charlotte has shown me kindness and compassion. She taught me that my feelings are valid and gave me tools to help me get through my feelings of grief. I looked forward to my conversations with her. I want to thank her for helping me find my way as I no longer feel lost.”

Charlotte’s Drive to Connect and Uplift

In June 2023, Charlotte’s compassion and care received the recognition they deserved as she was honoured with the Award for Person-Centred Care. This award celebrates individuals who exemplify person-centred care, approaching each individual as a whole person with unique needs. They provide exceptional care and service in a safe and compassionate environment, both within the community and home.

When asked about her drive for her work, Charlotte shares, “I look forward to connecting with people, helping them feel less isolated and more hopeful at the end of the day.”

Charlotte’s remarkable journey from a dedicated hospice volunteer to a compassionate Hospice Case Manager is a testament to the power of empathy and the transformative impact of caring for others. Her story continues to inspire and uplift, reminding us all of the profound difference a person can make in the lives of many.