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Image of Valentyna

Valentyna Martsenyuk is the recipient of the 2018-19 Award for Equity – one of the highest honours of Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

At the Heart of Great Care

For Personal Support Worker Valentyna Martsenyuk, the opportunity to connect with her clients while caring for them in their homes is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

“I look forward to hearing my clients’ stories and learning about their life experiences,” she says. “Sometimes I’m enjoying myself so much that a four-hour shift goes by like it’s only ten minutes!”

Prior to moving to Canada from her native Ukraine 20 years ago, Valentyna trained as a physician and worked in a cardiac diagnostic clinic.

“That foundation taught me the importance of truly listening to my clients and being respectful to them,” she says. “That’s what really matters the most in a PSW-client relationship—the fact that our clients want and need someone to listen to them.”

Dedication That Stands Out

For Valentyna’s clients and their families, there’s no mistaking her reverence.

“My grandfather always likes it when Valentyna comes for her visits because she always treats him and my grandmother with such respect and care,” said the granddaughter of one couple who has been receiving care from Valentyna over the past four years. “She takes time to ask them about their hobbies, and preferences, and they always enjoy talking to her. I will never forget her kindness towards my grandparents.”

For her part, Valentyna says she sees many of her clients as an extension of her own family. She even admits to worrying about them between visits, if they’ve been ill, wondering whether they’re alright.

Celebrated for Equity

In May 2019, Valentyna was awarded the Champions of Care Award for Equity. This award is presented to an employee who strives to always ensure that they are providing inclusive and respectful care to their clients, and uphold the rights and needs of the clients they serve.

“This award was such a surprise—I didn’t even realized I was nominated,” she says. “I feel an even deeper connection to Circle of Care.”