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Analyn O., Personal Support Worker, is the recipient of the 2020-2021 Award for Person-Centred Care – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

Her Strength to Keep Moving Forward

Behind Analyn O.’s positive spirit is a tough past that has inspired her to help others.

Analyn started her career working as a nanny for four years for a family in Saudi Arabia, helping to care for a chronically ill child. Eventually, the child was offered a place at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto as an international patient. Analyn accompanied the child to Canada. Unfortunately, she was left with no financial support or place to stay after she arrived.

“That chapter of my life is a very long story,” says Analyn. “People at the hospital knew me very well. They were very kind to me. They were the ones who gave me clothes and helped me survive while I took care of this child.”

Through a long and stressful process, Analyn eventually gained permanent residency and was able to settle in the Toronto area. She went on to work in a nursing home for two years before joining Circle of Care’s PSW team in 2000. 

“My life was very tough. I had many tribulations before I found my place with Circle of Care,” says Analyn. “I like to tell myself to ‘forget yesterday, tomorrow is a new day’, and to always make sure to keep thinking positively because at the end of a tough day there will always be something good that comes in the end.” 

Why She Became a PSW

Analyn’s inspiration to become a PSW and care for older adults stems from her personal experience with her mother. Analyn watched her mother fall ill and pass away from across the globe, unable to visit as her residency was being worked out and finalized. 

“Nobody was there to take care of her,” says Analyn. “While she was sick, I realized how important and essential caring for the elderly was – especially if they’re sick. I don’t want anyone else to experience what I went through with my mother, and if they have family across the globe, I want to be there for the older generation in a way that unfortunately my mother didn’t have.” 

Analyn proudly helps her clients with physical tasks such as personal hygiene along with providing household management, socialization, and emotional support. Her support and 20 years of dedication helps her care for her clients, guiding them through their routine activities and encouraging their independence. 

“I treat my clients with love, as though they’re my own family. I work hard for their safety and bond with them by being honest,” says Analyn. “If I get the opportunity to have longer hours with my amazing clients, those days are always meaningful to me.”

Her time with her clients is likewise meaningful for them, and for their families.

“What makes Analyn so special is her wonderful spirit, great humour, intelligence, her perceptiveness, and her initiative,” says the daughter of one of Analyn’s clients. “Analyn is an incredibly hard worker and she thinks of things that need to support our mother before any of us–and immediately sets to work on whatever task she has identified as important for our mother’s care.” 

“The aging process is not easy and although I am experiencing some anxiety and vulnerability, I still prefer to be at home and Analyn helps to make this possible,” says one of Analyn’s clients. “My balance is deteriorating and Analyn is aware of this. She watches and supports me very carefully when I go for a walk or when I use the stairs. She comes into my home like a shining light and is always ready to help me in any way.”

Celebrated for her Person-Centred Care

In June 2021, Analyn received the Champions of Care Award for Person-Centred Care. This award is given to an employee who provides exceptional care and service by creating a safe and compassionate environment while approaching each individual as a whole person with unique needs. 

“I’m grateful for the award,” says Analyn. “I love my work, I love connecting with my clients and taking care of them. I just want peace for everybody.”