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Aditya M., IT Help Desk Support, is the recipient of the 2020-2021 Award for Collaboration – one of the highest honours within Circle of Care’s employee recognition program, Champions of Care.

The field he always wanted

After grabbing a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning, Aditya enters the office, sits at his desk, and quickly resolves any online or in-person technical inquiries.  

“You can find me providing tech support, conducting on-boarding training, investigating and solving any technical issues, as well as managing and monitoring devices,” says Aditya. “It’s definitely fulfilling to find an underlying cause of an issue, as there’s always something to learn and it helps broaden my technical understanding.” 

Aditya was first inspired to pursue a career in the technological field at age 11, when his family got their first computer. 

“I was fascinated with it and was interested in the computer and technology,” says Aditya. 

After receiving his Bachelor’s in Computer Technology, and Post Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing, he joined Circle of Care in 2019 as an IT Student. He was quickly promoted to IT Help Desk Support within six months.

In a world filled with technology, Aditya’s position is crucial to have on any team, especially during the pandemic. Since COVID-19 restricted many in-person activities, Aditya and the IT team worked hard to quickly adjust and provide an online community platform. With their help, popular programs such as the Adult Day Program (ADP), Exercise and Falls Prevention Program, and many upcoming events are now held successfully online with minimal technical issues. 

A team player with a positive attitude

For Aditya, being an IT Help Desk Support is about more than solving technical issues. It’s about making someone’s day better. 

“I go home at night knowing that I may not have altered the world, but I at least know I made someone else’s day brighter,” he says. 

Circle of Care staff are constantly inspired by Aditya’s positive spirit especially through tough situations.

Every time Aditya helps me, or anyone in the ADP, all we do is speak in volumes about how amazing he is. First, in his expertise in IT, resolving all of our concerns in the most efficient manner. But, he is also so caring and never makes us feel silly with any of our questions or concerns,” says Madeline, a colleague at Circle of Care. 

With the hope to make others’ days brighter, Aditya relies upon two important skills: empathy and patience.

“I always attempt to look at a problem from different perspectives – putting myself in others’ shoes helps me stay patient and understand the issue better,” he says. “The quote ‘be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’ by Plato, has always resonated with me. Which is why I always aim to be empathetic and patient.”

Celebrated for his collaboration

In June 2021, Aditya was presented the Award for Collaboration. This award is given to an employee who works with others in a collaborative way, who is also understanding, a great communicator, and is always willing to learn. He was nominated for this award by his colleagues. 

“I have many memorable moments with Circle of Care. But, to have the ability to make someone’s day better by solving an issue is extremely fulfilling to me,” says Aditya.